One way to stop sex

I bet you guys can guess what this contraption of pxxx‘s does.


I bet you guys will be as disappointed to see that there is no click through showing a penis in the bowl, but there is a penectomy done by the owner of the contraption.


37 thoughts on “One way to stop sex

  1. that is brutal. brutally stupid, enjoy ever having sex again buddy.

  2. that is brutal. brutally stupid, enjoy never having sex again buddy.

  3. the top one is very funny. would really love to test it with a guy :P
    bottem one isn’t my style
    but to each their own

  4. I’d have my clit and gspot burned away or cut away or whatever if it meant feeling right, sometimes feeling like you own your body is worth more than any orgasm… I just use my junk to pee, stone butch.

  5. Notice the detached coil spring hanging off one of the handles and the according hole on the other one. That way, you wouldn’t have to rely on your own strength for detachment. You just have to pull it open, and… Let go.
    Fucking brutal…

  6. Wow, that’s intense. That takes balls to pull off, good thing he’s still got those.

  7. i am just curious

    when to you choose to use this this devise
    do you perform the final act yourself,
    or is some-one doing it for you,
    like as part of some form of submission.

    anyway, nice piece of work,

    hope that your happy

  8. Sheewwwwwww that first pic made me nervous. Bolt cutters/hedge trimmers are scary

  9. @Reverend Shaggy Wilcox if you read the front of his contraption, you’ll see that in fact it was his very intention, that which you call brutally stupid. maybe you should open your mind to the fact that not everyone in the world is you. which is more brutally stupid, taking control of your own body, or refusing to understand anyone else’s view point?

  10. Jesus fucking christ.
    This is modblog, if you dont like body modifications take your acrylic tapers and get lost. Or at least have the sense to leave the click throughs alone.

    That tissue does not look too healthy to me. I am guessing this was a ligation ? Is there any more information on this ? Any idea how long after the procedure that second picture was taken ?

  11. if i wanted to “stop sex” i’d go the eunuch route and get my balls outed. i rather enjoy being able to direct where i piss.

  12. Yay for close minded people -_-’

    The Urethra can’t be gone completely, but I do think he probably has a reroute. Otherwise, even tho it’s not my thing, strength to him. That takes some serious dedication right there.
    Kudos dude…

  13. lol looking at the 1st pic automaticaly made me cover my crotch with my hands for sum reason

  14. its real or a well made fake???
    but looks very horny in each case!!!
    cut forwards….

  15. This is nothing but bullshit sensationalism, I say Kudos to the artist for the concept but as an actual method of carrying this procedure out, it’s completely heinous. In understand expression and control and all of that and as many of you have stated, to each their own, BUT, I think some are reading entirely too deep into this. And I agree with @Rust, sex, at least to me involves more than just a penis and a vagina. Even sex as in gender isn’t applicable here. Because while a penis is part of what makes a man a man there are also other things in the body that define the male gender as well. Interesting piece though.

  16. Compelling stuff. Here’s to hoping a video pops up in BME Hard sometime soon.

  17. Did he save it? Like in the frig….Maybe a pickle jar…..I wonder if people come over and open his frig to find his member in a pickle jar…..I wonder a lot.

  18. @ Mardi Graz, i realize that this device is probably not used for actual penectomies, but how can you discount this as “bullshit sensationalism” when there is an actual picture of a severed penis directly below it? and yes, being a man has to do with a lot more than having a penis, in fact some times your penis can distract you from actually being a man.

  19. As much as this seems to be a fad I still think there’s something psychological motivating these people.

    And where the fuck is his urethra?!

  20. jeez peeps the urethra is right there where its supposed to be. See that HOLE at the bottom of the ‘penis’??

  21. Ok,am at the point of my permanent transition phase, as the bbc sub slave I am, to take it to the next level.
    I’m next ” seriously” can someone pull the handles for me.

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