The ties that bind

There’s something uniquely appealing about corseting.  The way it can take a set of piercings to an entirely different level for the person who has the corset done.  Not to mention the fact that it provides an opportunity for some amazing photographs.  We’ve seen all kinds of different corsets, on women, men, couples, and so on, but I can’t for the life of me recall ever seeing one done on a man’s throat before.  Well, that’s exactly what Miss Cale did last month, and now we get to see the end result of her work.


Have any interesting corseting photos?  Submit them to BME, it’s always great to see additions to the corset piercing galleries.

13 thoughts on “The ties that bind

  1. are those for play?
    is he expecting those to keep? I thought those kinds of surface reject pretty easily, am I wrong on that?

  2. i think that’s sean, or cheesestix from

    yes it was for play, done at skindependance at the beginning of july i believe.

  3. Well, some corset piercings can be permanent… but not if they’re done with CBRs. So aye, I’d say that’s purely a play piercing.

  4. What would one get for a permanent corset piercing?

    And I’ve seen a guys throat corseted before, there’s a stupid group on FB about something or another, and there’s a picture with the guy’s throat done…I’ll see if I can link it….

  5. A Sean, you beautiful beast!

    I love Cale’s corsets, they’re always so beautiful! But I have seen one on a guys throat before, a couple times.

  6. Thanks for liking the corset I did! :D For the record, he only had it for a couple of days during the event. The only corsets I’ve done are temporary.

    I’ve done one on this gentleman’s throat before. An 8 point at Skindependence last year. You can see it on my IAM page,, along with others if anyone would like to see them. :)

  7. That for surely is Sean. It was done at SkinD and it is not perminant.. and Sean is a genuinely awesome/beautiful person.. ..

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