As if Farmville wasn’t enough

Now you can lose even more productivity at work by playing Tattoo City!  No seriously, I wish I was making this up.  Some company has decided to create a Facebook game in which you customize your character, then manage and operate your very own tattoo studio.


The goal of the game is simple – create the biggest and best tattoo parlor in existence by tattooing your customers and earning money. The game requires more actual interaction on your part than other Facebook games, as you’ll earn money by taking “shifts,” which are active periods when your Tattoo Parlor is open.

Now if that doesn’t seem addictive enough for you, it looks like the game has additional mini-game, and all sorts of other things designed to make you keep playing.  I’m sure there’s an option in there that will let you spend money on things to make your shop the best digital shop around.  Don’t forget you’ll also have something else to flood your friend’s walls with, so you may want to cut back on some of your other game.

Now of course, it would be interesting to walk into a studio one day and see the staff all working away in the virtual studios, although come to think of it, I do know a couple of shop managers that probably will get a kick out of this game.  It is interesting to think that a company put a lot of development time into a game that for the most part would only appeal to a very niche audience.  Then again, after that story earlier in the week about the parents getting their children tattoos for going back to school, nothing should surprise me.

Just keep in mind, that if you do decide to play this game, you will be giving the company that owns it free access to all of your information, as well as any public information your friends may have that you have access to.  There’s your obligatory paranoid non-endorsement of the game.

So, is anyone playing this?  Is it enjoyable, or just another farmville clone?

15 thoughts on “As if Farmville wasn’t enough

  1. I can’t stand these applications. I have them all blocked or hidden, so they mostly don’t show up in my news feed anymore, but you still have to sift through a shit ton of them if you’re looking at anyone’s profile that plays. Though, I have to say, as far as success goes for the developers, the people that get into these seem to REALLY be into them, so I guess you could consider that successful. Most people don’t pay attention to the last bit you mentioned, about them having your information and just run wild with all the applications. I’ve seen too many people have information/identities stolen. I won’t go near the things.

  2. I just want to know if there is a slow season on the game when you have to just stare at the screen while nothing happens?

  3. Last night I also found an app in the Android market in which you “tattoo” as well.

  4. Lmao @ Fumbles

    I wonder too if you get those ocassional ‘clients’ who come in and go “I want a… uhh… umm… Dinosaurs fucking a sports car… And I want to do it now for like $30… The shop down the computer street said they would do it”

  5. I do feel the game is rather stupid (not the posting Rob, your doing great work man)…I saw a game like this appear on the Nokia Ovi Store and it wasn’t the game itself that was the issue I found but the quite blatant insult that was the description.

    It went along the lines of making you way up from a shady back alley parlour into a big glitzy hollywood style parlour or something and that your SOLE purpose was to squeeze as much money out of the next stupid punter (customer for you non brit readers *grins*) as you can possibly get.

    This is not what we’re all about and I think stupid games like this and TV, shows a dim view a little bit on the industry I mean I know its nothing vastly big that will hurt it badly..but its still stupid..

  6. lol @ Andrae McKrazy McRae

    When I was working in a studio last year we DID get some stupid demands like that…just change computer street for “my mates dad/brother etc” lol

  7. I will say, not very ‘realistic’ is it…I mean its just a till, 2 waiting chairs and a the tattoo chair….I mean wheres the sterilising station with autoclave and ultra sonic on..wheres a sink? cupboards?….hell wheres even a station to hold the bloody inks on! lol..

    silly game missing out on so much lol! *grins*

  8. ok, i admit, i’m addicted to those games and i loved the idea, but i’m sorry, the game itself is pure shit.

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