Dance your cares away

Fragglegirl uploaded this image, and I just had to share it.  While I loved the Muppet Show growing up, I only really was able to watch re-runs.  Now Fraggle Rock?  I was five when it first hit the air, so I was pretty much the target audience.  I was also shocked to learn that Fraggle Rock only aired on HBO in the US.  So while we (Canucks) got the Fraggles every week courtesy the CBC, if you lived below the 49th parallel you needed your parents to shell out for cable in order to see it.


If you head over to the cartoon tattoo galleries, you can see which Fraggle resides in her other armpit.

So, who/what was your favorite Muppet?

13 thoughts on “Dance your cares away

    that tattoo is awesome and must have been awesomely painful!!!

    ROCK ON!!! *goes off to dl fraggle rock tv series*

  2. I used to watch fraggle rock CONSTANTLY as a young lad. and I did not have HBO, so that information is most definitely false. it came on the nickelodeon channel I am almost certain of. but rad red tattoo.

  3. I just pulled my info from the wiki page. I guess Nick got the rights to air it after HBO had aired it.

  4. It came on Nickelodeon. And I loved Trashy.
    BUT I have a question, I’ve not been one for tattoos, yet. I’m just too picky about things. (and paranoid. and ocd about art.) My question is, in areas of obvious need to shave or atleast routinely trim hair, how does it affect the tattoo, or tattoo affect hair growth? Frankly I’m wondering just how much of a pain in the butt it’d be if she ended up with razor burn, or ingrown hairs, or other shaving ickies while the tattoo was still technically healing.

  5. I loved Fraggle Rock so much.

    My favourite Muppets… Well Statler and Waldorf I think are my top but I always loved Janice.

  6. Back when I was a lad, we watched fraggle rock. Depressing to think it didn’t seem that long ago, but it was in fact 25 years…

    We only had two channels then as well, and cable or any other kind of tv was only something you heard about on Yank TV shows. Good ‘ol New Zealand, state-sponsored supply of muppets to impressionable young children!

  7. Ow. Armpit tattoos are cool and all, and this one looks especially neat-o, but …just ow…

  8. I loved the muppets, I have the first 3 seasons on DVD. They had the best stars! My niece actually watched them with me and asked “If this is supposed to be a kids show, how come that lady is barely dressed?” This was Raquel Welch dancing with a puppet spider! Animal was the best!!! Beeker was awsome too.

  9. NIce job!

    I’ve actually got a Fraggle Rock backpiece, it has the 5 main Fraggles & a bunch of Doozers.

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