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We spend a lot of time on ModBlog talking about the image galleries, and the wide variety of images contained within them.  In addition to the galleries, the stories, and ModBlog, BMEzine is host to it’s own Wiki.  It’s a great resource to get information regarding all sorts of topics that cover the entire spectrum of the body modification world.

Today I wanted to share with you an article about an unusual form of scar that at one point was extremely popular in certain parts of the world.


What you’re seeing here is what is known as a dueling scar or Renommierschmiss.  I’ll let the Wiki explain.

At the turn of the 20th century, the dueling scar (or bragging scar, or Renommierschmiss) was popularized by upper-class Austrians and Germans who saw it as a mark of their class and honor, due to the social importance of dueling societies at Austrian universities at the time. If you were a doctor, lawyer, or professor, the dueling scar was a tattoo that signified your inclusion in an elite social rank, and visitors to university cafes would expect to see young men with bandaged faces.

The sport at the time was very different from modern fencing. The men used heavy sabers, and took turns chopping at each other five times apiece repeatedly. While padding was worn, the goal was to be injured. Kevin McAleer (author of Dueling: The Cult of Honor in Fin-de-Siecle Germany) writes,

The idea was to stand your man and show courage—not to inflict a wound, but to be wounded. That’s the very strange part of it—the true winner was he who walked away with a nice juicy scar, to show that he’d stood the test. The point was not to get the other guy, but to show that you could take it. You’d get these guys who looked like they’d walked into a propeller. It was pretty gnarly, but the guys were damn proud to look that way.

The scars showed you had courage and education, and were good husband material. A lot of these kids were rather good-looking, and you didn’t have to ruin your whole face in dueling. The scars usually accumulated on the left side of the face, so from the right profile, he still looked good. And even if it was an ugly, knotted scar, women were attracted by everything it implied, and the pride with which the wearer bore it.

The main thing we’ve learned from this, is that no matter the culture or the era, chicks dig scars.

But seriously, it seems that while the practice of dueling for scars seems to have faded over time, the practice of intentional scarification has definitely carried on.  Now I haven’t had the pleasure of getting a gnarly, unintentional scar, but I’m sure some of you have.  Anyone have a “I got this scar when…” story to share?

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  1. only major scar I have is on my wrist, awesome battle with a surgeon who put metal rods into it. Walked away proudly…when I was 12 haha

  2. i agree with shawn and await the content of the comments. it should be interesting to say the least.

  3. Funny thing is, I didn’t even realize the man in the picture was SS until I read the comments saying to prepare for the shit storm…. and then I went looking for what was wrong!

    Very interesting story, though! :)

  4. @Brittney. That was my thinking exactly. You could choose to focus on who the picture is of (one of the most evil people to walk the face of the earth), or you could look at the scar as a relevant example of the topic of the BME wiki article.

    @Shawn: I knew I may get flack for the photo, but the fact is, it s a good example of the type of scar that was popularized. In no way am I endorsing the guy in the photo for anything other than possessing the scar that is being discussed.

  5. When I was younger I played a similar game with friends called wack the shins. Pretty self explanatory. It wasn’t about hurting the other person as much as who could take the most pain. We used metal and wooden broom stick rather than sabers. Stil have dents in my shins lol.

  6. like anybody else, i too think nazi culture is pretty cool and should be celebrated here on modblog. i know skinhead culture is huge in canada, but we don’t get much of this stuff here in the states anymore because of the diversity etc. thanks dude!

  7. Well…. I got my first scar on my forehead (it’s partially covered by my eyebrow) when I was two. My sister and I were jumping on the couch and we both fell off. She knocked her chin on the edge of the coffee table and I cracked my forehead open on my dad’s toolbox. We both got stitches from that xD Then, when i was ten, I sliced my left ankle open on the stopper on a friend’s scooter. I had walked all the way from the corner back to his house before I realized something felt off. I’d left a long blood trail all down the sidewalk and I didn’t even flinch until my parents told me they were taking me in for stitches. Then, not too many years after that I almost broke my right leg on a metal spike. The scar starts under my kneecap and ends just above it. Then there was the time I attempted to ride a cart through the parking lot. Once I had gained speed and went to jump on it, both me and he cart crashed to the ground. From that, I’ve got a faint scar on my right knee, a big,dark one on my left knee, and a gnarly one on my right index finger. I think that does it for now… LOL

  8. @oppositronic: Sorry to disappoint but the practice is much older than the nazi party, and in no way is this post meant to celebrate it. Not to mention the fact that most skins hate the association with the boneheads who still think the nazi way of thinking is somehow positive.

  9. first off, that thing goes from his tragus to his chin and, it looks like there may have been a few other slash wounds in there as well. thats pretty f-n gnarly to sit there and take a big ass sword to the face.

    secondly, its history. get over the fact the guy was in the SS (i dont condone those views), any one who gets pissy over this is as bad as senator finster from “thank you for smoking” who was trying to remove cigarettes from classic films. i mean they could have photoshopped unicorns shiting rainbows where the ss pin is but that would be ridiculous and take away from the gnarly ass scar were all supposed to be looking at.

    thirdly ive got a scar on my elbow that feels like a plastic grocery bag from getting towed on my bike by a car to jump over an island in a parking lot and having that go tremendously horrible and about three bitching suture scars from having some cancerous tumors removed off of me.
    and a scarification i did my self on my calf.

    chicks totally dig scars and always will

  10. I ran through a glass door at the young ripe age of four.
    Perhaps I am judged upon that along with neck tattoos (who knows what others think if its not spoken).

    The only time I have been question was in an irish pub where I was questioned if it was a result of a
    chelsea/ glasgow smile

    I have contemplated having the right side repeated in likeness of the left.

  11. The ritual (this fenceing thing) is the same today, only the scar has gone (or maybe they changed a little, but who cares about stupid tradionalists with their stupid honor-rituals).
    And it’s only done by the same people as the picture shows: right-wing (extremist)/nationalist students.

    So in my opinion you couldn’t get a better picture.

  12. Actually Hitler banned the duelling societies as soon as he got to power since alot of them looked down on him and the NSDAP as uppity proles and because the dueling societies was a left over from when Colleges and Universities was almost small citystates.

    And the only reason for the use of Otto “Scarface” Skorzeny as an example of this is because he was a vain shutterbug and therefore there are alot of documentation of him and his prime example of a schmiss.

    And my latest unintentional scar i a big purple-pink blotch on my left knee that i got after drinking about a quart of gin and went bicycling in Malmoes docklands and encountering a railroad track.

  13. maybe i live in the wrong part of canada but i haven’t seen skinheads regularly in probably 10 years or more. skinhead culture, whatever that is, is certainly not huge, i think it mainly leads to gang beatings, the same as it does many other places.

  14. hmm fat tony i agree. not being into nazi shit and not posting images of nazis to modblog is a form of censorship. keep the nazi shit coming, it’s history bro.

  15. now that i think of it, being a skinhead in this day and age may get you a scar like that whether you wanted it or not.

  16. That scar is pretty bad ass.

    Last year I was involved in a motorcycle accident. I was on my way to work and some impatient bastard pulled out in front of me on the highway. I wound up breaking both my arms in half and had alot of other damage to my legs, feet and knees. Thankfully I have recovered and am now back to work piercing and tattooing but I was left with two scars on my right forearm, completely ruining my sleeve, from were my radius and ulna bones broke through. The same happened to my left arm just not as bad. I also have two insision scars on each forearm going from my wrist to my elbow and the back of my left hand that were made to repair the damage to my bones.

    Scars can be pretty cool just not when they mess up a beautiful tattoo.

  17. ok i’ll admit, the story is interesting and informative, but i mean come on, you posted a portrait of a SS officer to the front page of modblog, wtf is that? i find it weird because this website has a long history of not posting nazi shit.

    PS i think there are still racist skins in calgary and elsewhere

  18. i’m sure there are still racist skins in toronto as well, but you certainly don’t see them in the same numbers as you did in the late 80′s or early 90′s., and that’s if you see them at all.

  19. Ilove this listing game!
    Scar above my left eye brow was from an unintention head butt into another persons teeth at a GWAR show. The scar on the hood of my eyelid (left side) was from catching an elbow in a circle pit.
    Below the left eye was from being punched in a fight with a racist skinhead.
    On my left hip I have a spot that scarred after some bad road rash when bombing a hill, also acquired a torn ACL from the crash which resulted orthoscopic surgery scars on my right knee.
    I have a hernia scar that actually resulted in my first mobblog.
    Another one on the back of my head from cutting myself on a broken bottle after knocking over a garbage can as an infant.
    A few knife cuts on my left hand from cooking before I learned how to hold a knife properly.
    Scars on my left shin from being split open on sharp graven, again skateboarding.
    A few unexplained ones.
    OH, and some burn scars on my right foot from when I fell into a noodle cooker while cleaning the hoods at work.

  20. Also, white supremacist groups are still largely active in the United State, with a signs of becoming more active in the last few years. They have learned to organize more discretely, spreading most of their ideologies via the Internet. I have friends who have been recently targeted and harassed in the last year by one of these organizations due to past attempts to make public knowledge of their existence and activities in their communities. They are not to be dismissed as dead, docile or “not here”. The scariest thing about them is that they’ve are so independent and learned to pass undetected, especially in the organizations that condone violence.

  21. i don’t mind the pic personally. i noticed military immediately but not specifics until i went back to look again. made me think a little more on the topic actually.

  22. So what we are seeing, based on the Wiki, is most likely someone who had taken part in an elitist ritual that predated the Nazis?

  23. I think it’s Otto Skorzeny, the famed SS-special forces commander who freed Benito Mussolini from his captivity on that island I cannot remember the name of. Yes, I watch too much discovery channel.

  24. I think it’s totally bad ass. I know I would give respect to some one who was willing to get hit in the face with a sword for the sport of it. If I remember correctly from reading the wiki a few years back, some people would even pay to have a surgeon scar their face to mimic these types of scars.

  25. My favorite scar I have is on my right breast, on the underside. It was from a surgery to remove a benign tumor that had gotten a bit out of hand in size and could have caused issues down the line up to and including amputation.

    Regardless, I told the doctor to give me a gnarly scar but she was careful to make it as non-noticeable as possible as it goes with the contour of the breast. Either way, I still love it for some reason. Maybe because it’s a fun story about a surgery I got to stay awake for. Hah.

  26. I have a small scar on my ankle from where it was almost broken off. This was when I was about four years old and from what I’m told, my ankle was barely connected to my leg. I ran with a limp ’til age 8 or 9 because of that accident. :S

  27. Should have lots, but I have Ehlers-Danloss syndrome (some adventures are in the experiences section) so I form what are known as atrophic scars. Diffuse, no change in pigment, very hard to feel. Might as well not injure myself.

    Just as well though, I’ve had three goes at taking off my left thumb, took a hockey stick to the forehead (severed artery and a cracked skull, which explains a bit…) and many, many other stupid injuries, most of which could’ve been prevented if I’d engaged brain before body. I expect most of the tales here will have a similar theme!

  28. ha ha i have a story! i have about a two inch scar on my left bicept. the story goes.. when i was 14 i was trying ot sweet talk a girl, and as a form of cock blocking my best friend ran up wit ha razor blade behind me and gave me a decent sized cut. i turned back with out knowing what had just happenned and i saw him laughing, literally on the verg of peeing with a razor in his hand. lol he still to this day (about 6 years later) denies it was him! but im lucky to have it. because now ill never forget my childhood friend ( kindergarten till now) and all teh good times we had. p.s. he felt a little bad and said i could cut him back. i didnt. and sort of regret it. it wold have been sort a morbid friend ship bracelet. he still has it coming though i suppose.

  29. I have a gnarly scar on my shin about 3 inches long from a playground accident when I was like 4. And its still one of my most prominent scars.

  30. rob, as interesting as this phenomenon is, you should’ve taken some extra time to research its current status (@ fat tony: no, it isn’t history.) as well as more of the origins of the ‘schmiss’, as we in austria call it.

    if i may: the ‘schmiss’ rose to mainstream popularity outside of closed dueling societies mostly after the first world war, especially in right wing led germany (weimar republic). the first and foremost multiplicator for this trend were student leagues, who at that time were mostly spouting nationalist patriotic propaganda of one kind or another.

    so, you see, when the ‘schmiss’ became widely popular it was no longer the honorific of a sportsmanlike fencing competition, but rather a propagandistic tool of nationalist, right wing groups to support their views of blood, honor and manhood.

    today the ‘schmiss’ (at least in austria, but i’m sure germany is very similar) is still being propagated by student leagues or fraternities with a dueling or fencing club. problem: virtually all of these are alligned with right-wing, nationalists politics or, even worse, straight out racist and fascist political views.

    i’m not trying to give you the once over for picking out an interesting topic and highlighting some of its historic roots, but choosing the picture of a ss officer in light of the current meaning of and associations made with the ‘schmiss’, i’m sure you will see that it was a problematic choice, because (again, at least in austria) the ‘schmiss’ is alive (fortunately not in the mainstream) and fully engulfed by modern day nazis, whom we should distance ourselves from as strongly as possible, wouldn’t you agree?

  31. uhhh, i’m half jewish, and the picture of the ss soldier doesn’t offend me in the slightest.

    people who are expecting a shitstorm might be dissapointed,

    nazis were people too, as hard as that can be to deal with sometimes.

  32. Scars??!!! I recently answered this for someone, but I’d be delighted to do it again.

    I have a small scar on my left forehead area where I had stitches because I was accidentally hit with a 9 iron golf club.(age9) (I was standing too close behind) My right chin has a scar where I slipped and fell and cut it on the edge of a metal lunchbox. (age 7)

    My left breast has a lumpectomy scar(age 42), My right upper forearm has a 2 inch scar from when a hot iron fell on me(age 28). My navel has 2 tiny scars (one from a tubal ligation(age 29), another from my bilateral salpingo-oopherectomy) There’s another tiny scar on the right side of my lower abdomen from the bilateral salpingo-oopherectomy and a much larger scar on the left from the same surgery where the doctor had to go back in and fix some “bleeders (My veins weren’t cut off properly and I had internal bleeding)(age 42)

    There are 2 tiny scars on the right and left side of my mons pubis from when I had my hysterectomy and bladder implants done(age39), and a small scar on my left upper leg above my knee where I had a cyst removed(age31), and a scar over a scar on my left knee where I fell and cut it the first time when I was 8, and then scrapoed it twice over a 2 month period ain April and May this year.

    I have a scarification on the left side of my lower back that I got about a month ago. Oh, and I have some very interesting scars from my retired outer labia piercings were (I had 22 altogether)

  33. This isn’t any run of the mill Nazi….its Obersturmbannführer Otto Skorkenzy, the Nazi James Bond. A thoroughly vicious and charming war criminal or hero depending on your perspective. Freed Mussolini in a daring raid. Talked his way out of Nuremburg and lived out his days in Franco’s Spain.

  34. have we all forgotten something?
    the story is not about him being ss, just about his kick-ass scar.
    Nazi’s did exist, get over it. They are still part of history.
    Back to the topic in hand, i have two scars on my leg from running the opposite way up an escalator and tripping over.!

  35. I have about a 3/4 inch scar on my left shin. What makes it not so gnarly was it was given to me by a 6 month old kitten. ._.

  36. First off, any tradition that was common for young men around the turn of the century in Germany and Austria is most likely to be best documented by photos from the Nazi area. It IS NOT a celebration of the Nazi regime to use a photo that prominently features the ritual that is being discussed even if the photo is of an SS officer.

    Secondly, I have number of natural scars, ranging from the puncture wound from a compound fracture of my tibia and where one of my front teeth went through my lip as the other one broke during a pit.

  37. I think Rob said it best in the post “The main thing we’ve learned from this, is that no matter the culture or the era, chicks dig scars.”

    and we ALL know that is soooo true…my other half LOVES this great big 8 inch fucker on my stomach…ok its there for medical reason, not me being gored by a raging bull or anything…but she still loves it, loves kissing it an everything…makes me less concious of it :)

    but I have tons of lil scars all over me ranging from bmx and skateboard accidents….to knife accidents…to crazy ex’s trying to kill me…yea lol..

    Oh and I remember reading the wiki for that years ago and even then I totally ignored the SS guy….but fuck man his scar is fucking gnarly…dont care what side he was on, I’d shake his hand just outta respect for that…cos thats one beauty on his face..

  38. what chokehold said, my first thought wasn’t that it was a nazi officer, it was moreso about how you somehow got the rights to watermark a vintage photograph as property of bmezine.

  39. Well I think I’ll chime in here. As a long time BME staff member and a Jew, I will admit when I saw the picture I blinked a few times. Nazi officers tend to illicit a startled reaction from me. But that’s about it. I actually do think it’s a pretty cool picture.

    I’ve also found the posts about who this officer was to be interesting. Interesting does not equate admiration. I don’t really see the problem with the photo. This is a post about history. The photo is historical. We should be able to view images from history and discuss them without admonishing Rob for posting it.

    This isn’t a celebration of Nazis or an admiration of them. This is a discussion of dueling scars.

    Speaking of scars. The first thing that came to my mind was the actor Tommy Flanagan.

  40. As for the watermark, that’s an old one. Rob didn’t put that on there (and neither did I). That’s from way back, from the BME Encyclopedia which later got turned into the Wiki. It would have been Shannon who watermarked that photo.

  41. Tommy Flanagan? Is that the guy that was in Braveheart. It’s funny how you can picture somebody by such a bare bones description. large scale facial scars are rare enough in Hollywood that it could only be that guy.

  42. i agree with jen and the others here that the purpose of the picture surely isn’t to propagate nazi ideology.
    that’s not the problem here at all, at least in my opinion. (and if i say ‘problem’ i’m already exaggerating – it’s an oversight, really.)

    in light of what a ‘schmiss’ was and still is, i still believe that rob should have added a few sentences about that. wouldn’t have hurt the posting or the topic at all. you know, for the sake of completeness as historic ressource (because, last time i checked ‘history’ in the scientific sense also includes contemporary causa).

  43. @werewolf #41, it kinda is history since this photo is from the past and documented in that time period, and i really fucking hate racist fascist asshole and all of their kind. on the other hand i hate censorship just as much.

    also i had a convo about this type of scar and its fucking gnarly to think about taking a damn broadsword to the face on purpose, this guy and many like him (bearing these specific scars) may be total ass hats but damn do they have some balls for being able to take a sword to the damn face!

  44. @ Fat Tony (#60): you’ll hear no argument from me on the censorship issue – totally agree with you. but (and now i really will shut up about it, i promise) would’ve wished for a teensy weensy bit more background info (e.g. some of the stuff that was posted in the comments) to clarify what’s going on with this specific kind of scarring in this day and age.

    and, yeah, ballsy they may be, but ass hats doesn’t even come close to describing them. :)

  45. I’m not offended, it’s a fucking bad ass scar no matter who it is on. I don’t have any scars worth mentioning because I don’t scar well.

  46. Shamos, yes. I love that guy. He was in last week’s episode of Lie to Me as well. He’s in Sin City. Sons of Anarchy. Smokin’ Aces. He’s in a lot of things.

    The story behind his scar is super messed up too. He was the victim of a mugging. I don’t know why they felt it necessary to slash his face up like that but he’s sure turning it into something positive with his acting. This is what it says on IMDB about his scars:

    One night, as he left a pub he was working at, people told him to give them his coat and records and when he refused, a guy jumped on his back, stabbed him, and scarred his face. He nearly died.

    The only other heavily scarred actor I can think of is Richard Lynch and his scars are because he set himself on fire…

  47. Shawn: I’m actually impressed about that your predicted shitstorm turned out to be a rather pleasant-to follow discussion. Seems like modblog has matured :). To add to what werwolf (#41) said: Duelling student corporations are still existing in German-speaking academia (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), albeit they have become quite a fringe phenomenon now and have been experiencing severe membership decline in the past few decades.

  48. let’s not forget nazi’s tried to destroy intire colture… i’m 100% jewish and honestly i don’t give a f*** about nazi
    colture. not even if his intire body was coverd with tattoo’s and his tongue was splited. that history should be talked about only in history lessons and ceremonies ///
    people should take their heads out of their asses and look around… 6 million people were burned alive in europ
    just becous of that, so called, cool nazi exite…

  49. i have two gnarly scars on my left ankle from a bimalleolar fracture (two broken bones and a dislocation), the end result was a 4inch plate and two screws. my friends and i, all girls, were jumped by some men.. well, boys.. men don’t hit women,.. and a brawl broke out. i saw one guy jump on my friend who is a very small female who was highly intoxicated.. i pulled him off and threw him as hard as i could, his friend who was standing behind me saw this and he kicked downward on my ankle. 5 months later i’m just walking normal again.
    turned out to be an epic weekend, my friends sold my ticket to the cancerbats concert the next night and bought me a bag of pills for when i got out of surgery. epic weekend; epic story; epic scars XD

  50. Hmm. I’m surprised there wasn’t atleast SOME real controversy over this post. I thought it was cool.

    Anyway, I have a scar on the bottom of my foot from having stepped on a small piece of glass. I have scars up the side of my left leg from being a stupid drunk. I have a small scar on my knee from when I was in third grade. A kindergartener tripped me and stabbed me in the knee with a PLASTIC spork. Not so gnarly, haha. I have tons of accidental tiny circular scars from burning myself with cigarettes. I have one big X on each of my thighs. Though I let me ex boyfriend cut one of the Xs deeper, and it’s really gross now. It’s about a half inch thick and three or four inches long. It’s dark pink and raised. I’ve had it for nearly two years now. It was stupid, but I thought he knew what he was doing. That’s beside the point though. I have three small lines under each of my eyes. They’ve faded a lot. I have a triangle and a square on the outside of my left wrist. And lastly, on the side of my right wrist I have a tiny raised pink scar from a night that my boyfriend tied me up, and when he went to cut off the duct tape, he sliced into my arm. Hahahaha.

  51. I could hardly focus on the article’s relevance and history without feeling sick about the poor choice of photos that accompany it. Come on, photoshop and paint programs exist, your could have at least cropped it down to the face to avoid controversy but I’m assuming now that’s all you really wanted from this anyhow.

  52. @HJP: The only time I ever use photoshop on an image is to crop it for a “Guess What?” article. Also, think about what the comments would be like if I had cropped it. You can be sure there would be a significant portion of people who would be upset that I tried to hide who the person in the photo really was.

    The fact is, the article is mostly a discussion on the BME Wiki entry, which uses the image as an example. Yes I could have used another image, but anyone going to read the full entry (which was the point), would have seen the image anyway. The choice I has was to either attempt to conceal something and pass it off as innocent, or post the image and let it stand on its own, allowing the reader to make their own judgement.

    As has been mentioned earlier in the comments, part of the ritual of the dueling scar is that it is done by uber-nationalist extremists (at least in the latter half of the trend), of which the picture is a prime example of.

    Part of what I do here at BME is to promote discussion. Sometimes that means I may have to post something I don’t personally agree with. Do I think that the person in the picture is the scum of the earth? Yes. Does that mean I should pretend he never existed and shy away from anything that may bring up him or those like him? No. In fact, going over the comments, the majority of people realized that I wasn’t posting the image to create controversy, but simply relaying historical information, which in turn lead to a healthy discussion on both the historical aspects of the article, as well as personal stories about scars.

    Finally, when you think about it, a scar is a permanent reminder of a traumatic event. Which is why I asked people to share their stories. Sure they may fade over time, but their presence will never fully go away, and those that have them, will remember them always. Much like the atrocities in WWII, scars and the emotions behind them will remain long after the events take place. It’s how we choose to live our lives after the fact that can help define us as people. We must never forget what happened, or pretend that the evils that caused it never existed, because when we do, it gives them an opportunity to return.

  53. The dueling (“Mensur”) referred to is fought ought between “schlagende Verbindungen” (fighting fraternities). You can read more about it at It is still being done today, although it is far less popular. One reason for example is when one insults another member of a different fraternerty. Scars are less common today since a doctor has to be present at all duels and surgical suture has come a long way. However, I did know someone who made a sport out of going for the top of the earlobes of his opponent, ending the duel in his favor for excessive bleeding. The main point of the Mensur is to stand A fairly realistic representation of Mensur fighting (in a German TV movie) can be seen at

  54. As far as the whole “appeal” of it goes… I’m pretty much indifferent. But if it’s a deliberately inflicted and very obvious scar that has no interesting story behind it (such as my boyfriend faceplanting onto a coffee table when he was two, resulting in a scar under his eye)… well, I think it’s a bit silly.

  55. I have this scar from my eye to up under my chin, from when two stories of scaffolding on wheels, broke apart and the cross bar, sliced up my face, and the scaffolding broke apart and came down on top of me.. Woke up under the scaffolding and all I have to show for it is this awesome ‘dueling’ scar from eye to neck.

  56. nazi uniforms and regalia is cool, their ideas are not.
    how retarded are you guys for not just sticking with that argument and leaving it be huh?

    all this fighting is for what? nothing. all you guys are doing is arguing in comment boxes on a dinky website (no offense…but compared to the entire web) about stupid shit that no ones cares about.

    this post is about dueling scars, which I think are awsome and hot.
    NOT nazis, NOT political ideas, NOT stupid shit.
    ugh, some people…

  57. I used to have a scar on my forehead from whre I ate tarmac (was riding my bike, truck wanted to overtake me, but got the back of his truck stuck on my steering wheel when he came to the right too quickly), which is now covered by a new one from falling off the back of a scooter (the driver thought it would be ok to go over a bump…). I hit the street so hard my skin split open.
    I also have two very nice cutting lines on my left ankle, one on the inside (curved) and one on the outside (straigt). Doctors had to put in a plate and 6 pins because I broke it in 3 places after I fell backwards (yes, that really was all it took…)

    I have a bunch more, but these are the more noticeable ones.

  58. I have some unintentional scars… but most of what I have are from injuries I inflicted upon myself in one way or another. Like the horseshoe-shaped pair of scars on my right knee from hiding under a waterslide that was under construction, or the pockmark on my forehead from chicken pox, or the chevron scars on my right pinkie finger from snapping a full-length mirror with my bare hands, or the myriad cuts on my right leg and left bicep, or the teeny little spot and dash from twisting a bit of skin in a safety pin and later cutting across my wrist, or the burn on my back from when I fell asleep against a heater, or the sulphuric acid burn shaped like a teardrop on the back of my hand, or – my current crowning glory, the 3-inch long wavy burn scar down my left forearm, the result of me pouring a pipette of HNO3 down my sleeve to see how it would scar.

  59. I have a lot of scars. Most of them are self hurt scars. Most on my forearms. But I have one big one that I did not do on purpose. It’s about 6 inches in length and very thick. It’s almost perfectly down the center of my skull. It starts right after my hairline. I hit myself in the head with and axe. Have you ever heard the saying “Never chop wood under a clothes line” Well I hadn’t, till then. I was about 15. The hospital accused me of some wild suicide attempt. It honestly was just a dumb mistake.

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