Can someone do me a favor?  Please explain to me how cupcakes became so insanely popular in the modded community.

I don’t get it, which probably has to do with me not really ever eating them.  Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I dislike them, I just have never really ate anything sweet.  But what I lack in the eating of cupcakes, I more than make up for in the baking of them.  I’m the go-to guy for most of my friends when they need something baked up, which oftentimes is a batch of cupcakes.

Now I know you’re probably expecting an awesome image of a tattooed cupcake, but did you really think I would go for something so obvious?  C’mon, when I put the icing on a post do I ever just slap on some pre-made Betty Crocker crap?


The devil’s food cake is in the details.  At first glance you probably just assumed this was a simple skull and crossbones tattoo.  Well look deep into those eye sockets and you’ll see where the buttercream filling is.

L8ness uploaded this image yesterday and it definitely shows how the little details, like the right color sprinkles, can make a project stand out.

Now I’m sure those who are cupcakely inclined have a few recipes to share.  Or at least someone can explain the popularity, which I’m guessing probably has to do with the taste.  Maybe I should do some kind of ModBlog contest where the winner gets a batch of cupcakes made by me.  Do you think anyone would even enter it?

24 thoughts on “Cupcakes!!!

  1. Seriously dude, what is with people being cupcake-crazy in the past couple years? I’ve never seen so many page descriptions that mention cupcakes, tattoos of cupcakes, cupcake-print dresses, craft fabric cupcakes, etc.

  2. You can be stingy with cupcakes. The whole thing is yours! Also, they’re super cute, and can be personalized and modified [see what I did there?] to be so much more than just your average sheet cake. Cupcakes are individuals. Like modified folks.

    Rob, send me some fucking cupcakes.

  3. Cupcakes are great! I dunno where all the hate is coming from, certainly not the cupcakes.

  4. I’m thinking a big part of it is the Johnny Cupcakes clothing stuff, abnormal ideas on t-shirts, most of em look cool and its so “unscene” but leaving the “scene” is now “scene” -_- don’t woory, I don’t hardly understand it myself

  5. Think about it: A small piece of moist cake piled high with frosting. What’s not to love?

    Just last month I was presented witha HUGE red velvet cupcake for my birthday (7-13) I cut it up and shared it with the 3 other people at my table. I wouldn’t have been ableto do that with a slice of cake,. Another thing: A cupcake is usually less expensive than a mini-cake and the paper on it hold in the moisture better and slices tend to get dry. Now I’m pissed cause I want a cupcake! GRRRR!

  6. cupcakes are a recent craze, champ. it’s always been like this, maybe you just never noticed until someone put it right in your face?

    I like the tattoo, and most of all the fact that it’s just black. Most definitely an interesting spot to get it as well.

  7. I’m all about cute things, cupcakes are cute. I don’t eat but a bite though.

  8. i think the image of a cupcake and just the word itself is pleasing to say. thats why i like cupcakes!

  9. the design is way cute but it makes me sad to know how its going to look when it heals…it’s a little too small and placed in a less then ideal spot on the foot. but like i said, the design is way cute. The shop I work at usually wont even put a tattoo in that spot on the foot-and if someone insists we will charge a minimum of like $200.00 on top of what the tattoo would normally cost and we wont guarantee it(meaning we wont give any free touch ups since we advised against it)

  10. @15 – lol, they sure do seem to like them

    Cupcakes have been getting out of control – tattoos, clothes, jewelry, hair accessories… which is all well and good if you’ve got a serious sweet tooth (I don’t), but what I don’t understand is the massive influx of diamonds and brass knuckles on everything. People whose jewelry all comes from Claire’s and Hot Topic and whose last fight took place in a sandbox in kindergarten have been rocking shirts/tattoos/necklaces/belt buckles with diamonds and brass knuckles. Seems like it’s kind of a scene/thuggin’ thing.

  11. I love the tattoo and the placement. Can someone please explain why #14 says it will heal funny?

  12. Jaime I have a tattoo in a similar position and it munted out when it healed, tattoos fade closer to the sole. I’ve had it touched up a few times but it fades off every time :(

  13. Cupcakes are great. Fairycakes are also great. Any kind of cake is great. Cupcakes and fairycakes are cute; like when you cut a sandwich into four. It’s a petite kind of thing.

  14. Oh, thanks for the info Mung. I actually wanted to get tattooed in that area, but I don’t have as much room there as this person does, so I opted for in front of the malleolus instead, so maybe mine wont fade as quickly.

  15. the whole cupcake thing is just one of lifes little trends that come and go, like beards and lumberjack shirts, and “spary on” jeans. just one of meny little paths people often walk down.

  16. I agree with the scene thing….. it seems that it’s just another trend in tattooing… kinda like owls, octopi and jellyfish…. kind of annoying if you’re getting a cupcake just for fucksake… if you’re a baker or something, i get it though.

    and yes pie and muffins win over cupcakes anyday. but i’ve never had much of a sweet tooth to begin with.

  17. I have a cupcake tat and I love it. It’s a “tramp stamp” (god I hate that) of a cupcake with brass knuckles on either side. I didn’t get it bc cupcakes were popular, the idea just came to me one nite and I thought it’d b a pretty awesomely unique tat….i also didn’t really want a tramp stamp but with how big wit would b there would have only one other place to put it (my chest) which I never liked on girls and concidering I’m young and would be getting alot of cleavage time

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