Who wants to win something?

As you probably guessed by looking at the big banner to your right, Tattoo Hollywood is happening next weekend (Aug 20-22).

Well, I opened up my inbox this morning and to my surprise I was given a sneak peek at some of the prizes being given out for the “Best of Day” tattoos.  Now I was sworn to secrecy about the prizes, and I think there was some sort of non-disclosure agreement in there, but I skimmed over that part to get to the pics.

Now from what I understand, each day will have it’s own “Best of Day” contest, in addition to all the other contests happening.  The winners of the “Best of Day” will each get a prize.  The tattoo artist will get custom built machine from Lucky Supply, while the recipient of the artwork will walk away with a shiny trophy.

Now I haven’t had a chance to see the trophies, but the e-mail that I was supposed to keep private happened to have some pictures of the tattoo machines.  The question I’m now faced with is: Do I share the pics with ModBlog readers and jeopardize my job, or do I keep the pics hidden and have the ModBlog readers hate me for making a post talking about something, and not showing it.

Well seeing as how there are more of you, you guys win.  Just don’t tell anyone I posted these.  I don’t want to get in trouble.





So, if you’re in or around Los Angeles next weekend, definitely head on over to The Grand Ballroom at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel to check out the show.  You could walk away with some cool swag.  And who doesn’t like free swag?

10 thoughts on “Who wants to win something?

  1. why has advertising become so prevalent here as of late? there used to be a lot of interesting things to read and see here, but plugging tattoo conventions is far from interesting or informative.

  2. let me amend that, it is informative, however i’m sure that anybody going already knew about it.

  3. Talking of shows, where have the photos gone of past shows in “photos” ? I was looking for ‘Derby2001′, NO sign of it!

  4. @Shamos: On average I post 1-2 event postings out of the 25 some odd posts I make a week. Some people find them useful, some don’t. It just happens that this convention is being put on by BME, so it does make a bit of sense to see multiple posts about it. I also try to post more than just conventions. For example, the tattoo artist art show being held in Toronto I posted about last week. Sure conventions get a lot of press, and it’s easy to find out about them, but not everyone is aware of art shows, charity drives, etc.

    @k: Absolutely not. But I also know some people don’t like the event listings, so I try to make them slightly amusing for those that would otherwise just complain about them.

  5. What’s with all the moaning?

    If you don’t like it, don’t use it. I don’t participate in BME like I used to specifically for the reason that’s it’s a slick, magazine format operation now. Even the photo galleries are a shadow of what they used to be. Not user-friendly at all, but at least they look like something you’d want to see on LA Ink.

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