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There’s something to be said for subtlety.  A lot of times we focus on the big picture, bright bold images of drastic modification.  Don’t get me wrong, I love those images as much as the next person, but sometimes I like to see an image that is subdued.


Looking at this image from Altered Designs you may not even notice any modifications.  I know I didn’t.  I took me almost a full minute to see the anchors on her back for corseting.  Once I saw them of course, I couldn’t miss them again.  The photo, and the piercing job, combined to make this image both about the modification, and not at all about it.  Just because this woman doesn’t have the most noticeable mods we’ve ever seen on ModBlog, it doesn’t detract at all from quality of the image.

You see, as much as I love seeing modifications that can best be described as being on a large scale, a nuanced image like this can really remind me that modifications aren’t just about getting the biggest and best.  They’re about altering your body to the way you want.  I’m not going to go on about that point, as I covered it yesterday, but you can see in this image a person whose mods are visible, yet they blend in with her.  They have become an extension of who she is, and we can look past the superficial trappings of modern expectations towards modifications, and see her for who she is:  A woman who just happens to have mods as part of who she is.

Personally I had a moment a few years ago when someone asked me a question about one of my tattoos.  For a moment I was puzzled at the question.  Not about the question itself, but the fact that I had completely forgot that the tattoo wasn’t always there.  I have had it so long, it is just my skin to me.  My mod has become just a natural extension of of my self, to the point that I can’t remember what it was like before then.  So when faced with a question about it, I blanked simply because it seemed odd to me that someone would ask me a question about something that to me had felt like it was always there.

Have you had a moment like that?  The first time you realized that your mods have become a permanent extension of yourself and you forgot that they were even there?

8 thoughts on “…and Wednesday too

  1. Almost every time I knock a piece of jewelry out when getting out of the shower, drying off. I’ve broken and lost so much jewelry down the drain that way.

  2. Gorgeous pic!

    Sometimes I will notice elderly folks giving me strange looks, and it takes me a minute to catch on “Oh yea, I have tattoos and piercings!” haha. It’s ok though, they’ll be dead soon anyways :P

  3. I usually sleep on my back, cant imagine having something like that :D Still, looks great

  4. Every old photo of me looks weird without my piercings. Also, I tend to forget I have a tattoo on my back and am excited every time I see it and remember it’s there!

  5. They’re actually no problem to sleep with on your back :-) I’m a back sleeper most of the time.


  6. Hi,

    I never imagined myself having a tattoo or even less a pircing, but I do like to see them when there’s good taste and they’re aesthetically pleasant.
    I’m of the opinion that something like that should be made not to follow a trend, but because the “victim” :-) feels that he or she should do it, either to pass a message, or because it finds aesthetically pleasant, for insteance.


  7. quite puzzled how you not cn see these beautiful anchors… But Ok, i always look, if there are nice anchors, or surface piercings in anyones back, as I like my own there. PS.: Usually I am aware of my piercings, I like to see, feel them. Now I had to give up my arm-siver-chains after long time.I still feel them sometimes – as these piercings were real body parts (and it was strange enough to see them being removable after all, but due to the reason I had to remove them, chronic infection, inflammation)

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