Who knew saving the rainforest could be fun

So picture this:  You’re sitting at home, thinking to yourself, “Self, I think I want to save some animals today”.  Now you’re stuck because it’s not like you can just run outside and physically protect an endangered animal, especially if the animal is one of those cute fuzzy ones that can rip your throat out in a heartbeat.  So what can you possibly do?

Well, donating money is definitely a great way to help out, and heck, for most donations you get a tax write-off.  So you should probably do that.  But what if that doesn’t satisfy you?  There must be something you can do that wouldn’t take you to a far away country living in the wilderness.

Well what about getting a tattoo?  I’m sure one or two ModBlog readers have some of those.  Actually I’d hope so, or else all the tattoo pictures I’ve posted are going to waste.

Back to the helping animals thing.  It turns out two separate organizations on opposite sides of the globe have found a way to turn getting a tattoo into something that can help the planet.


First, there’s TATZOO, an eco-contest that promises free tattoos in exchange for help protecting endangered species! Fifteen finalists were selected on Aug. 5 based on their ideas for raising awareness about the leatherback turtle, California condor, or other endangered species local to the Bay area. Those tattoo-loving finalists now need to engage at least 100 people with their idea — for which they’ll be rewarded with a free tattoo of their endangered species, inked by locally famous tattoo artists.

And farther away in Melbourne, a three-day tattoo convention called Rites of Passage Festival calls all tattoo-loving environmentalists to enjoy art and music along with environmental education (via The Green Life). According to the website, the festival will showcase eco-friendly tattoo supplies — and raise funds for rain forests

In the case of the Rites of Passage Festival (not to be confused with the lovely boys and girls in the suspension crew), 100% of their proceeds go towards the charity.  So if you happen to be in or around Melbourne at the end of January, head on over.  You never know, you could save a spider monkey from being run over by clear cutting operation.

Personally, I’ve donated money to a couple of charities over the years.  I know the WWF has a program where you can buy a stuffed animal with the money going to save the real version of the animal.  I hope George “The Animal” Steele got the money ok.  That green tongue of his won’t change color on its own.  Do any of you have a favorite charity you help out when you can?  Is there a reason why you chose that one in particular?

6 thoughts on “Who knew saving the rainforest could be fun

  1. Interesting concept! I’d love to get a tattoo to support no kill animal shelters… hmmm ponders there is a local animal shelter where i am….

    Nice one rob <3

  2. Everyone always needs to get something out of it, or there’s no point. What ever happened to just acting, without being lazy by “getting out it” with donations, or getting something in return.

  3. @Dee, I pulled the image from the site that I linked to, which is also where the quotes came from. I’d love to be able to give credit because the news site I pulled it from had no information. Just fill me in on the details and I’ll get it in the post ASAP.

    One of the problems I face on a daily basis is that news websites (where I pull some information from) often don’t give credit to the artists. Also, some BME submissions come in without the details being added to the submission, which is a shame because I personally would prefer to have the information included.

    I encourage the ModBlog readers to fill me in on any missing information so I can edit the posts to include the pertinent information.

  4. OMG I just actually visited the website and my artists face popped up!
    excellent news. anyhow, that’s me and the artist is Ian Oliver out of Double Crossed in San Fran.

    ;D thanks much

  5. I tend to support animal rescues the most, especially those who work primarily with rabbits, although I also support a Collie Rescue in my area. I could see myself getting a rabbit-themed tat.

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