Bad Boy Bill

Earlier today Shannon brought up the fact that BME has seen quite a few video game tattoos in its time.  Sure enough, I go to check the galleries today and look what turned up…

For IAM: gunsxofxsummer this tattoo by Andy Yoder of Ace of Spades in Asheville, NC, means a bit more than just a simple video game reference.

I like to speak on many levels at once. The obvious “bite me” message, the “bite the bullet” message attributed to general tattoo/pain experiences, and lastly, a reminder to myself to stop riding the fence and bite the bullet and go to one side or the other.

On the run

When it comes to Super Mario games the one that gets overlooked the most would have to be Yoshi’s Island.  Which is a shame because it first introduced us to the character of Baby Mario.  But not everyone has forgotten Baby Mario, as you can see below in this photo sent in by Migoreng.

Scarred Tetris Heart

As if you can’t tell by Haffie’s “post scarification glow”, “I’m not sure there is a happier customer than myself today!” His tetris heart design (which might look amazing one day filled in with tattooing one day in the future). I’m not sure if I should be a little sad about the statement that’s being made by the final ill-fitting brick that is just beginning to fall? In any case, this was done by Luke Iley at the aptly named Scarred Heart Body Modification in Leeds.