Move over vajazzling, there’s a new sheriff in town

Well it turns out that when Jennifer Love Hewitt appeared on a talk show ranting about her vajazzle, it was only a matter of time before someone thought to get creative with paint instead of jewels.

A while back I brought you some interesting news on the fine art of Vajazzling, which as we all know now, is the act of adorning one’s vagina with little Swarovski crystals.  Enhancing the mons pubis has since been an explosive trend in 2010, and I’m happy to bring you the latest installment: vatooing (also spelled “vattooing!”).  Vatooing, is also known as “twatooing,” “vatuing,” or simply “vagina tattooing.”  Except these tats (vats?) aren’t painful because they’re applied painstakingly with an airbrush

So while this isn’t a permanent (or even semi-permanent) mod, it is always interesting to see what people will do to modify themselves when they know it has 0 chance of being permanent. The Completely Bare chain of spas in NYC are the ones trying to make this fad as popular as the gluing of crystals to your nether regions. Although after watching the video, I’m not completely sold on the “painstakingly applied” technique. As far as I can see they’re limited to using a pre-made stencil with an airbrush.

I know I’ve posted about body painting in the past, and in a lot of cases an argument can be made that it is a form of art.  Can the same be said for this procedure?  Or do you think that this is just a quick way to cash in on the fad of women who want to live on the wild side, but not have any real permanence to it?  This also begs the question, is this trend limited to women?  Essentially they’re only adding gems and paint to the area around the vagina, couldn’t men get something done down there as well?  There’s already a debate going on as to whether this should be called “Vattooing” or “Twatooing”, if we add men to the mix, should it be called something else?  Possibly “Dattooing”, no, that name is taken by the guys trying to create digital tattoos.  What about “Cockattooing”, I think it has a nice ring to it.

Now if this temporary tattoo/gemming business really isn’t your cup of tea, there’s always our genital tattoo galleries where you can go to see the real thing.

42 thoughts on “Move over vajazzling, there’s a new sheriff in town

  1. So… its just air brushing??? lol
    on your vagina?

    And also i wonder how much there charging ? hahaha

  2. It’s not a tattoo and not on the vagina – it’s airbrushing on the mounds. So how about just calling it a airbrushed immitation tattoo on the front bikini area, oh wait, because calling it a vattoo and charging and arm a leg for it is what’s cool right now. Marketing, all marketing… not that it’s bad, someone has a job doing it after all, for now.

  3. Unless it’s for a photograph or something I don’t see the point.

    I think I’ll stick with actual genital piercings and tattoos

  4. Meh, whatever. I think this is a step in the right direction. Whether it’s just a trend or not, at least people are becoming more ‘ok’ with the concept of modifying your body, whether permanent or impermanent.

  5. Um, you can get that done anywhere. I can buy an airbrush/paint set.
    Pointless bullcrap. What’s the point of this again? Is it supposed to be edgy because it’s below the bikini line? Oooo…

  6. I’m a big fan of wangdazzling. The odd rhinestone in your pee-hole is a small price to pay for being at the cutting edge of fashion.

  7. wow, has anyone else noticed bmezine’s boring to informative ratio go completely askew since this guy has started writing?
    what does crotch paint have to do with the body modification culture? i can’t wait for your Halloween posts! every kid in north america will be modblogged.

  8. Now that our vagoo’s have airbrushed designs on them, lets hit the streets!
    *slow motion walking down the street*

    AWESOME. I’d do a combination of the airbrush design, then put glitter over it, THEN vagizzle it with a bunch of gems.

    Now THATS pussy bling.

  9. anyone else think they spreyed where they did because it was being filmed?

    the only thing i found funny was the woman getting cobwebs, surely she has not seen any action for a while to get cobwebs :P

  10. and any, some people think getting tattooed, pierced, and stretching said piercings is “fucking stupid” each to their own and what not :)

  11. As much as i agree with this definately being in the right direction;
    this isn’t any more a mod than an airbrush dragon kids get on holiday.
    I do think it’s funny that they make a massive deal about it when it’s not even permanent!
    dear dear.

  12. Um no thanks. I wouldn’t pay for a crappy paint on job like that. Why not gets some paints and you and your lover paint on one another and actually make something sexy out of it. instead of dropping your pants and having him tell his guy friends about your cheesy smeared doodle above your cookie…

  13. Ugh I am so sick of people BITCHING about how the vagina isn’t the whole thing, it doesn’t include the vulva and BLAH BLAH BLAH. Obviously the vagina is just the vaginal opening and I think most people are aware of that. However it’s a better term than “vulva” at least in my mind. And it’s an INCREDIBLY widely accepted use for the whole package. So fucking get over it already.

  14. whats the point in hair cuts, and cutting your finger nails. its hardly permanent, what ever is the point?…..

  15. Oh.. God..

    Am I the only one that wants to throttle myself after simply hearing any of them speak? :|

  16. I could think of so many nicer things to have airbrushed onto my vadge than freakin cobwebs and 69s!! HAHA.

    I was actually excited to watch this because I thought it might be like full on artistic airbrush decoration… but it’s stencils and cobwebs! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

  17. wow…I feel like I just wasted precious moments of my life watching that (nothing wrong with the post, just think the people in the video are…um…yeah…). I think if someone wants to decorate their groin they should get the tattoo or piercing for real, its not like the world will know its there, just you and those you are intimate with. I got a tattoo on my crotch 3 years ago, still makes me laugh on occasion to this day. But I suppose such things aren’t for everyone.

  18. Wow… what shallow women engage in will never cease to amaze me. Not gonna lie, the airbrush tattoo was SO much fun!!!!… When I was about 12. Obviously there are people out there (yes, I do know one) who are allergic to tattoo ink and have yet to find something that their body does not reject. Some cannot have ink because of their job/family… but this is just another fad that these ladies will get sucked into along with the little dogs they can fit in their giant purses that match their oversized sunglasses and uncomfortable spikey heels. It won’t be so sexy when they get their vaggies inked then go for a one night stand later only to either a) tell their partner to be careful and make the sex akward or b) make annoying color-y smudges everywhere.

  19. *crossing fingers and wishing hard*
    Let at least one of them be allergic to the paint they’re using.

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