Send… more… paramedics

Often I get to see an image that just delights me.  Most people that know me know that I’m a big horror fan, zombies in particular.  When I’m scanning the tattoo galleries for new images I always notice the horror related ones first, but today, when looking at the suspension galleries I was pleasantly surprised.


I had to shrink the image down to fit it on ModBlog, but the full sized version can be seen here.  For those with keen eyes you can make out a couple of notable horror icons.  I believe that’s Michael Myers on the left, Bela Lugosi’s Dracula on the right, and of course the woman in the middle is Lianna Quigley from Return of the Living dead.  I think the reason I like this image so much is that you have all these horror movie related images blended together while blood is dripping down onto it.

While you may not be familiar with Return of the Living dead, it is the movie that you can thank for creating the famous zombie quote “Brainnnssssss”.

Now, if you were in this position, what image would you like to see your blood dripping down on to?  Which I realize is a somewhat morbid phrasing to a question, but hey, we are talking about the walking dead are we not?

Oh, one more thing, while not scarring people up like in the previous post, Gabor also spends some of his time rigging people up.  There are a few other happy Hungarians hanging from hooks over in the suicide suspension galleries.

4 thoughts on “Send… more… paramedics

  1. Send more paramedics fucking rulls
    realy awsome tattoo … WOW

  2. Send more paramedics is a quote from the movie, that was incorporated into a band title much later :P

    Though I’ll admit. Zombie Crew amuses the shit out of me.

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