Black hole sun

Update:  Didn’t realize the meaning behind the original image that I used.  I’ve since replaced it with the current image.

So I’ve had a few Soundgarden songs stuck in my head ever since I’ve heard the band was getting back together.  It got me wondering how a song can be crafted that gives it a timeless quality, like how their songs from 20 years ago still sound fresh today.  While pondering this, I was browsing the scarification galleries, when I cam across this image by Gabor Zagyvai.


Which brings me back to Soundgarden.  While you may or may not be a fan of theirs, any songwriter will tell you how difficult it can be to craft a song, let alone one that an audience will enjoy.  So for the purpose of this discussion, just replace Soundgarden with your favorite musician/composer/band.  Like the process in creating a scar, time is meticulously spent over every aspect of the scar.  Width of the lines, depth, getting the design perfect, choosing the right blade, and then the placement on the body.  All of those factors are considered well before the first cut is made.  The same can be said about a piece of music.  The right notes, lyrics, tempo, instruments can make the difference between a horrible piece of music and a beautiful one.  Like scars, these pieces of music will live on well past the time they were created.

Of course this can be said about any form of art, which is exactly what Gabor has done here with this piece.  This piece is only one of several that were uploaded in the past day. Gabor’s own gallery has the entire collection, where many of them have healed images alongside the fresh ones.  So while this scar may not be your cup of tea, there are a lot of other beautiful scars you can check out.

21 thoughts on “Black hole sun

  1. Hm. I’d kind of wonder what meaning he had in mind to get it scarred into his skin, since the symbol carries a bit of weight. Granted, its an awesome symbol, and I’d love to get it tattooed if it only lacked the connections it does. *Shrug*

    Either way, bloody hell, that’s a gorgeous scarification piece.

  2. This is the exact rendition of the “black sun” symbol that was used in the SS Generals’ Hall in Wewelsburg castle. The fact that it’s a Nazi rendition of the symbol as opposed to an earlier rendition of it means the guy hasn’t done his homework, OR has some form of link to Nazism. Uncool.

    I want to say it’s a nice piece, but the symbolism is a bit naff!

  3. Dammit. Of course I pick the one image that he uploaded that is a nazi symbol. I’ll go get a new one now, I apologize to anyone that may be offended, I really didn’t know the meaning behind this particular symbol.

  4. Nice to see Gabor’s work featured here – Congratulations!
    I’ve had the pleasure to meet him and see him work, and can say that in addition to being a talented scarification practitioner he’s also a genuinely nice person.

  5. Yeah the symbol has lovely aesthetics but the Nazi and neo nazi connections just aren’t cool. /:

  6. Ooo, I like this scarification. It looks like it’s been done to incorporate/compliment an existing scar?

  7. Ok, everything should be updated. The purpose of this post was the showcase Gabor’s work, and not focus on the symbol the scar was of. I just arbitrarily picked one of the many he uploaded in the past couple of days. They were all exceptional, so swapping the image wasn’t a big deal.

  8. the black sun symbol, or sun wheel, actually predates the nazi regime by over 1000 years and still bears occult symbolism to neopagans to this day. it’s a part of history and you can’t deny it. i just played the game uncharted 2: Among thieves, and when drake reaches the lost kingdom of shambala there is nazi shit there from when the nazis went there in the 40′s. should they have just left that stuff out? no, because that is called history, and also the guns you take off the nazi’s bodies are essential in defending yourself against the Guardians of Shambhala. history is about nazi symbolism and occultism and especially Wewelsberg castle, the black sun and sig runen. history, folks.

  9. re: #10 – Yes, the “black sun” symbol does predate the Nazi regime. However, it’s given name comes from the fact that the mosaic in Wewelsberg castle can only be fully viewed from above and, at that vantage point, appears to be black rather than green, which is it’s actual colour. It is not known exactly when the mosaic dates from, whether it was put in when Himmler started to re-design parts of the castle as the spiritual home of the SS, or whether it existed before this. Regardless, Himmler used it as a symbol. THAT version of it.

    The particular scarifiied rendition of the symbol which was featured was an exact replica of the symbol in Wewelsberg castle. It was not a replica of earlier pre-Nazi examples of the symbol.

    It’s much the same as when a person has a swastika tattooed on them. The examples we see on BME repeatedly are NOT the Nazi version of the swastika. They don’t resemble it. They look like different versions of the swastika and not the stronger lined, bold swastika that the Nazis used.

    The originally featured scarification looked exactly like the “black sun” symbol as it is known from Nazi occultism. The SS even had rings with the symbol emblazoned on it, the exact symbol we saw in the originally pictured scarification.

  10. Oppositronic: I am with Jon on this one – not to mention the idea of going to a Nazi castle and fighting Nazi’s using Nazi equipment is entirely different than, say, scarring a Nazi symbol into ones body and having it show cased. The black sun, to my understanding, as used by the Nazi’s was something that they essentially claimed for their own – the symbol itself predates them, but they changed it sufficiently that theirs is quite distinctly different.

  11. @oppositronic: I realize that you think nazi culture is cool (your words from the post on dueling scars), and yes it is part of history, but in no way will I ever be celebrating it on ModBlog in any form. As I mentioned earlier the purpose of this post is to highlight Gabor’s scarification work. I made the mistake of posting a scar of a nazi symbol I was unfamiliar with, which I immediately corrected. The main reason I changed it was because I didn’t want the comments to focus on the symbol represented, but the quality of the scar work, and the time and effort it takes to create a well done piece.

    So let me repeat myself in case I wasn’t clear. Unless the post is specifically dealing with a modification that had cultural ties to the nazi scum that inhabited the world, it won’t intentionally feature any symbols. But if you are so intent on finding modifications related to nazis, might I suggest looking into the tattoos that the nazis put on Jews in the concentration camps. It may remind you exactly why nazis are the furthest thing from cool.

  12. In other news, Gabor does beautiful scarification work.

    (But does anyone know what is in the middle of that, anyways?)

  13. @rob this “black sun” symbol is actually less offensive than the SS symbol you poster earlier because it is tied mostly to the theosophical practices of the nazis and lacks the associations with war crimes that the SS has. it’s possible that a person could identify with the spiritual aspects of this symbol without necessarily being a neonazi, and to be fair the person who got the scarification may not have been a neonazi. anyway if you want to focus on the artist and not the material then please stop posting pictures of nazi symbolism. i’m sorry if i was unclear earlier, i was being sarcastic when i said that nazis were cool

  14. when i cut i always see the symbol and not the meaning behind it. every symbol has its own meaning for the one who wears it! the black sun is a great symbol to cut i think, and i loved making it:)

  15. I know someone asked this question before, but I would like to reiterate…
    Is that a nipple? Insignificant to the other questions, but I still have to ask, what is that exactly, that the scarification piece goes around?

  16. love the cutting – i would like to know a) where it is on this persons body and b) IS THAT A NIPPLE, and if yes, has it been…..cut off???? *squirms*

  17. It`s a bellybuttun,and this cut is an AUM/OM sign with some extra girly cut around.:)

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