Go big or go home

Bigger is better right?  At least that’s what the media has been telling us all for years now.  Now granted that may just be a North American thing where people believe your success in life can be measured by the size of your bank account.  The “whoever dies with the most toys wins” mentality.  Now of course there’s always the other thing that “bigger is better” can be applied to, which is of course the size of your piercings.  User  Everhardnumdick is one guy who doesn’t shy away from a big piercing, as you can see in this picture of his septum piercing.


Now this is clearly a case where bigger is pretty awesome.  As for better, well that’s entirely subjective, but I’m pretty sure that the owner of the nose is happy with how it looks.

As for you, do you think bigger is better?  The whole need to acquire wealth and possessions, to own the biggest things?  Are these things that are meaningful to you, or do you think that this mentality is a product of generations of successful marketing?  Companies wanting to make more money so they make you believe that if you own their product you will be better in some way, only to have another company say the same thing about their product which is slightly bigger.

Who am I kidding, of course you expected to see some form of genitals in a post about things being better if they’re bigger.  Well it turns out his septum isn’t the only thing that Everhardnumdick has stretched.  Keep on reading to see what else he has made bigger.


You can check out a side view of this foreskin stretching over in the gallery.

19 thoughts on “Go big or go home

  1. Septum has to go bigger cause nosehair´s still able to creep out 😉

    Nice post !

    but “You can check out a side view of this foreskin stretching over in the gallery.”

    eh…no i can´t but thanks for the offer 😉

  2. cool septum hopefully he usually uses a plug so he can actually breathe out of his nose.
    cant help wondering how does he pee????

  3. you know, huge septums like that have always given me one simple question to ask…..what the fucking hell happens when you sneeze?!?! :-O jesus…all I cant picture is it being like when you hold your nose but its too late and it pops your ears and you feel shit for a lil bit….but in this case does it make your brain exploded :-O haha ok maybe THAT one is a lil far 😛

    its still fucking lengen……wait for it…..dary!…

  4. I just retired my 6ga septum piercing because I believe it’s “too big” for my face. Also, since stretching it a year ago, I never realized how much it restricted my breathing 🙁 For me, there is DEFINITELY a limit as to how big a septum piercing should be…

  5. that foreskin stretch must be one of the most brutal stretching i’ve ever seen !!
    still interesstng tough … do an interview on him !!!

  6. Big piercings are better for me, I think a little gauge piercing looks ridiculous … It’s just my idea and I respect people who prefer little piercings ahah
    Hello to you from France !

  7. The septumThe septums was nice, but as Dean aka Crazy Face asked “what the fucking hell happens when you sneeze”? And the foreskin owww that U just have to be carefull of when U put your zipper up 😉 Good post

  8. I have a 00ga septum and I can’t really blow my nose. But as for his septum I would imagine while wearing that and having to sneeze he would still sneeze, it would just get built up and boogery on the ring. I would also like to hear more about the process used to stretch foreskin to that extent

  9. i think size is personal prefrence… i have stretched all my peircing at one point or another to at least a 2 gauge if not bigger… with bigger sized jewelery comes the responsibility of actually cleaning your jewelery alot more often than with smaller sized piercings… plus the hassleof keeping up with “o”- rings falling off and loosing my plugs while im a lil intoxicated has always posed a threat to the keeping of these peircings… several piercings i have stretched were retired due to the fact of waking up the next morning and not a) being able to find the jewelery, or b) not being able to get the jewelery i have back in due to the peircing being stretched a few days prior of jewelery falling out during sleep or drunkenness… all resorts back to personal prefrence… what is too big or too small really? i guess too big is a uncomfortable hassle, and too small may fall under the “im not satisfied with the peircing yet” category… i ramble when im herbal… sorry…

  10. I have my left lobe stretched to 4g and my septum to 6g, and both are big enough for me. I found pleasure in the process, and I’m done now. I know a lot of people would say I’m not ‘serious’ or ‘dedicated’ enough, but it’s my face, and it makes me happy like this. I initially planned 6g for my lobe as well, but I felt like it wasn’t done yet, so I went up one size, and haven’t felt the urge to go up ever since.
    So what if it isn’t super big? I like the fact that they’re dainty, it fits with my face. So what if I only stretched my left lobe? It feels right like this.
    So I defenitely disagree with ‘bigger=better’. While this may hold true for some, Others could be terribly unhappy with it. And who are we to impose our views onto another?

  11. Not agreed with the bigger is better thing. True, a stretched piercing can be beautiful and fascinating and a lot more, but my interest lies in the ones that makes you go in for a second look, because you have the niggling feeling you missed something the first time round.

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