Like a moth to a flame

Missmarymac graciously submitted the following image to our nature and wildlife galleries the other day.  I wish I could provide more information on the tattoo, unfortunately all I have to work with is her name.

Which is what I’d like to talk about.  BME’s galleries are all user generated, which means we rely on you, the members to send us in images of your modifications.  You’ll notice after every ModBlog post a link to submit pictures.  If you’ve never submitted an image before, there are a number of different boxes you can fill out when uploading your pictures.  The one in particular you should pay attention to is the artist information.  We feature quite few images on ModBlog every week and the question I get asked most often is “who performed that modification”.  Sometimes the answer is right there next to the photo, other times the artists submit the images themselves so it’s easy to guess, if its an IAM member I can check their page to see if they wrote about it, but a lot of the times I don’t have the information to share.

So next time you go to upload an image, remember to think of your practitioner, I’m sure they would love to credited for their work, especially if it’s being seen all over the world.

One final thing before I get to the image.  When switched over to the new gallery format, a new feature was added; The ability to add comments to an image.  So if you see an image you like, feel free to say something about it on the gallery page.  Users are able to see the comments people add about their mods, so go ahead and let them know what you think.  So if you happen to like Missmarymac’s moth tattoo, just add a comment here.


4 thoughts on “Like a moth to a flame

  1. Oh snap mary did my first tattoo on friday the 13th, thanks mary cool to see you on the mod blog.

  2. Oh snap mary did my first tattoo on friday the 13th, thanks mary cool to see you on the mod blog.

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