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If you’re unfamiliar with the works of C.R. Mackintosh, he’s definitely one artist you may want to look into.  As one of the forerunners of the Arts and Crafts movement, as well as a proponent of Art Nouveau, his designs, and those of his contemporaries are often only seen in galleries.  Often times you will see echoes of their works carried over into the 20th century, as many of the buildings that were designed by Mackintosh and the others are still standing today.

This beautiful piece is one of Mackintosh’s paintings, which has been superbly reconstructed as a tattoo by the always brilliant Fabrizio Divari.


I’m sure the art history majors can do a much better job describing the intricacies of this piece better than I can, but from what I can see, this piece definitely captures the essence of Mackintosh’s work perfectly, while transferring it to the new medium of the skin.  With Nouveau’s principles buried in encompassing the totality of a structure, to see it transplanted onto a person takes that mentality one step forward.  The alteration and creation of the new self, by changing ones external self, embodies the philosophy so well.  If only there were artists of Fabrizio’s caliber during Mackintosh’s day, the Art Nouveau movement may have taken on an entirely new form.

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  1. Absolutely delightful! Mackintosh’s designs are far more complex than they initially appear, especially the stylised flowers, so this is a great example of Fabrizio’s superior skill.

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