It’s the little things

It seems like it was only yesterday that IAM: Efix had one of his scarification pieces featured here.  Oh wait, it was.  But it seems that Efix Roy wasn’t satisfied with uploading just one amazing piece this week.

This tiny heart and anchor scarification done on Efix’s friend Genevieve’s fingers recently really stood out, simply because of the challenge of the piece.  While a lot of time we feature big bold scarification pieces, a lot of times the devil is in the details, and in a piece like this, all you have are the details.  With a small design, and a small surface to work with, I can only imagine how tricky it was to perform.

As with pretty much every scar piece I feature, I really hope we get to see a healed version of this scar, as I would assume that finger scars are difficult to make stick.  I’m also curious as to if these are just the first two scars in what will eventually be a set of full knuckle scars.  Granted I was at a casino yesterday so when I saw the heart and anchor, I instantly thought of crowns, clubs, diamonds, and spades.

efix heart and anchor

10 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. The detail in this is really amazing. I think it will scar well, though, doesn’t everyone have lots of tiny scars on their knuckles just from bumping them somewhere? I certainly do.

  2. Oh WOOOOW!!!
    know how hard it is to cut the hand-area. i got nuts on one fucking skin-removal i had to do on on the outer side of a hand one day.
    So big respect to the artist for this one! Turned out great!
    And I am really interested in seeing it healed.

    Sorry for wired english. German english-classes teach useless things -.-

  3. #5 +1

    rob, we dont need an essay with every post, post the mod, little write up of info, the end.

  4. and i would be interested if the inner part of the heart will feel a bit numb like my inner part of a triangle does ^^
    feels nasty <3

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