Hanging on by the seat of your pants

It’s been a while since ModBlog featured a good old fashioned ass suspension, so when I saw the Suicide Body Art gallery had been updated with some tandem ass suspension photos I thought it would be great to share some of them with you.

UPDATE:  I just got a message from Edmund and here is what he had to say about the suspension.  Please keep in mind English isn’t his first language so there may have been some details lost in the translation.

The second boy on photos is Aleksandr. I don’t know English well, so I try to tell you about it in few words. One day I tell Aleksandr that I want make ass suspension, but hi said that hi want it too. So we decided make tandem ass suspension. It was sunny morning on 19.06.2010. We went with our friends to uninhabited bridge, and begin. When we take off, I think I regenerate. It was very funny when we began to spin. But then was one problem, after it i’ll need ride for a 5 hours=)


To see a couple more pictures, keep on reading..



You can check of the rest of the photos in the gallery on BMEzine.com

Other than the name Edmund, I don’t have any other information to share with you about these photos.  Which is part of the reason I keep asking everyone to fill in all the boxes when uploading an image.  I’d love to be able to share with you the names of the guys hanging, where and when it took place, all of that.  Hopefully someone recognizes the guys in the photos and can send me an e-mail so I can give proper credit.

Remember, ModBlog and BME are supported by you.  We can’t go out and take pictures of every single person’s mods on the planet, so we can only show you what’s been shared with us.  So grab your cameras, take some pictures, and send them in (with the details) so we can share with the world all these wonderful modifications and the related activities.

10 thoughts on “Hanging on by the seat of your pants

  1. I love suspensions and I love the look of this…I just cant do it for two reasons, I and my fiance love my ass too much lol and secondly I hate being upside really screws me up :(

  2. I remember seeing Ninja bear trying this and not getting very far up. This is so awesome!!!
    Though when I read tandem I was expecting a lotus to ass to ass.

  3. only here at BME will you see, not one pain in the ass, but two, yes thats right ledies and gents two:P

    i cant imagen what this must have felt like, but im half tempted to try it :P

  4. After several years on modblog not many things actually make me say “ow” out loud, but this one even got a cringe and a whimper.

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