Hungry like the Wolf

Many people credit Walt Disney as the man behind bringing animation to the masses.  Sure Walt did a lot to create an empire based on a whistling mouse, and has brought smiles to the faces of countless people all over the world, but there was always something lacking with his cartoons, they were missing a little bite.

Thankfully Tex Avery stepped up to the plate, and brought the world Bugs, Daffy, and the rest of the Looney Toons characters.  The cartoons Tex created weren’t just for kids, in fact quite a few of his works were “banned” for a while because they were deemed too risqué for some audiences.  It was these cartoons that really paved the way for many animators to see that animated movies and shorts could be targeted to a larger audience.  So while the big mouse was carving out his slice of the pie, Tex and those who came after him skipped the pie and went right for the devil’s food cake.

Cartoons didn’t need to be all flowers and rainbows, they could raunchy, violent, and sarcastic.  Is it any wonder so many people love his cartoons?

So while browsing the old school tattoo galleries I came across this take on Tex’s “Wolf” character uploaded by Thakkrad.  The leering, catcalling, oversexed cartoon character that was created as part of a re-telling of the Red Riding Hood story, appropriately named “Red Hot Riding Hood”.  The one thing I noticed though was in some of the details.  I really like how the artist took the classic Tex wolf, and infused some aspects from the works of Ed Roth (of Rat Fink fame).  The exaggerated tongue and the bold colors in the hair really work well with the iconic image of Avery’s wolf.


Were you a Looney Toons fan, or was Mickey and company more your tastes?

12 thoughts on “Hungry like the Wolf

  1. haha what? sorry, I forgot I weren’t allowed to have and express my own personal opinion. I guess it’s up to someone else but me haha, you’re hilarious 😀 if someone comes up to me and says my tattoos look like shit, that’s totally fine. they may think and say whatever they want.

  2. theres having an opinion, and theres saying your opinion in a hurtful way

    and you’re right they can “think” what ever they link 😉

  3. yeah you’re right, I’m pretty hurtful :} I’m fucking Hitler sometimes. I guess the more mature way to put it is I dislike oldschool tattoos, especially in forms of… wolves with warty tongues and hats.

    uh? they can think AND SAY whatever they want, yes. all okay with me.

  4. then why did you comment? its a well done tattoo and thats the end of it, IMHO opinions on whether somone other then the owner likes the style of it or not is not really needed

    but then i guess this is the internet..

  5. it’s a good tattoo job, can’t argue that. yeah… and I am the internet ghoul. searching for corpses to rape, one at a time 🙂

  6. Why are entries being deleted from modblog now?

    And gandy, do you always have to bitch at people for EVERYTHING? The owner of the tattoo probably doesn’t care what random people online think of their ink, so why do you always have to stick your nose in? Everyone is entitled to say what they feel. If sourmilk doesn’t like the tat, big deal. Stop getting so butthurt over something that should not matter to you.

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