A few months back Jen posted a picture that got more than a few mouths watering.  Well it turns out the young man in that image, IAM: Arseniy Andersson is so much more than a pretty face.  While we all appreciate his modelling pictures, back at home in St. Petersburg, Russia he is also known for being a piercer and performance artist.  I’m not entirely sure of the story behind these images, but from what I can tell Arseniy threw the hooks for what appears to be some form of photo/video shoot.


Of course the question is, was the chessboard part of the shoot, or was it just something being used to kill time?  Photos of suspensions always seem to capture such fantastic moments.  I suppose when you know the subject isn’t going to be going anywhere, the photographer can really set themselves up for a beautiful picture.  So while it may be a couple suspended tandem over a stream, or a good looking guy playing chess while in an abandoned warehouse, the opportunity for an interesting image is always present.

Keep on reading to see a closeup of the man playing black.


If you want to check out more great images of people suspending, head on over to the suspension galleries and check them out.

While you do that, here’s a question to ponder:  If you could do any activity while suspending, what would it be?

9 thoughts on “Checkmate

  1. I really want to fuck while I’m suspending. Cere had given me and my girlfriend at the time the oppourtunity, but she passed it up. Still something I really wanna do though.

  2. I would really love to blow out 21 birthday candles while suspending from my knees. Jason Shaw just might make that happen :) along with 8 other rad individuals! Can’t wait! Eeep! Eeep! Eeep!

  3. @Rob: I’m busy most weekends, but week nights I’m generally free after 6pm. Hit me up on iam or via email so we can stop cluttering comments :)

  4. why does everybody think about sex?
    damn it! sex is not the most importaте thing in this life! ><

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