Aperture Science

A wise woman once said, “we do what we must because we can.”  While the woman may have been a homicidal computer bent on torturing and killing people, while promising cake for all, she does have a point.  When it comes to what we do with our bodies, the sentiment rings true.  We do what we must to ourselves because this is who we are, and we have the freedom to do what we can.  There’s this inner drive to change our outwards appearance into what we feel it must look like, and thanks to practitioners all over the world, we can do what we need to do.

One of those practitioners, Sean Flinn from Stone Clover Artisan in Iola, WI, was able to give one young man exactly what he wanted.


The uploader (gonzofreelancer), is clearly passionate about photography.  And thanks to Sean, he was able to do what he wanted in the way he wanted.

14 thoughts on “Aperture Science

  1. “Remember that time we tried to kill you by putting you in fire and you were like NO WAY? That was great.”

    Somehow this beats out that pokeball implant/tattoo from the other day.

  2. First off, I love the tattoo. Secondly, I don’t think “geek tattoos” is a strong enough designation for this one. 😛

  3. Also, it’s still a work in progress. I have yet to get the rest of the color added to the inside of each aperture!
    For any other photographers out there who may be wondering, its a f/16 to a f/2 😀

  4. Portal is one of my favorite games, and I love the progressive design of the tattoo. All-around awesome.

  5. I LOVE the concept, but I just think it is really going to age badly. It really makes me want to do my own take on it. I LOVE the concept though. I love doing geeky tattoos. nerds, and other artists performing and visual, are some of my best clients.

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