Playing with a corset

So what do you do if you’re sitting at home with a big box of needles and a lot of string?  Well if you’re like Mattoo here, you break out the camera and make yourself a corset on your arm.


Over in the play piercing gallery you can see the steps that he took while crafting the corset, but to all the blood fans out there, he didn’t upload any after photos.

Based off the camera angles in all the photos, I think it’s safe to assume Mattoo did everything himself, which is pretty impressive considering there are over 20 points in the corset to pierce and weave with one hand.

So here’s your “what if” for the day.  What would you do if you had a box of needles like the one in the picture, a large amount of string, and were by yourself?

2 thoughts on “Playing with a corset

  1. thanks everyone, this is my first serious attempt to make a corset, I’m glad that you enjoyed. When I have a bit of time I will upload new photos.
    Thanks again to everyone.

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