Geared up for a scar

Earlier today we saw how the modifications on a young woman’s face really accentuated her beauty.  I thought I should even it up for those who prefer to see modified boys.  Now I’m not sure if the guy in the picture is a steampunk fan, a Gears of War fan, a mechanic, or something else entirely, but what I do know is that he really must like the gear design as that’s a lot of flesh that was removed for the scar.


So what do you think?  Does the scar on this guy work as well as the piercings and tattoos from the girl earlier today?

12 thoughts on “Geared up for a scar

  1. MMM. Scars on guys are unspeakably sexy. This one in particular.

    Speaking as a scarred lady though (not intentionaly), I have to say scars on anyone are pretty awesome.

  2. Having gotten scarification done all I have to say is… That will HURT to heal! It will be worth it though! 😉

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