Tastes like chicken

Well, at least that’s what the movies have told me to believe about the taste of human flesh.  I suppose it also matters if it is cooked or not.  Raw chicken meat is pretty much a no-go (with the exception of one breed that they’ve used on Iron Chef), so I think the same rules apply to human flesh as well.

Then there are those who like to laugh in the face of danger, go against the grain, and take some risks.  Of course the vast majority of the people who are willing to dine on raw flesh also have the slight problem of being one of the walking dead.


As far as zombie portraits go, this may be my new favorite one.  The fact that the portrait isn’t just a look at a zombie’s face, but it is one in motion, taking that first bite of flesh off of the screaming victim who obviously wasn’t adequately prepared.  I also like that if you look close enough you can make out little details, like the veins visible through the skin on the face.

The artist IAM:Nick Friederich, from Shelton Tattoo in Shelton CT, was featured last week as well with his portrait of Eva Angelina.

It makes you wonder, if Shaun and his friends can walk through a group of zombies acting like them, and Rick Grimes can cover himself with fluids from a corpse to get through a horde, would getting a zombie tattoo allow you to make it to safety without worrying about being bitten?

17 thoughts on “Tastes like chicken

  1. #5 That’s strange, I’ve heard stories of chicken. But that wasn’t actually through someone someone knows, just….internet babbling I guess.

  2. I betcha human flesh is like any other meat, tends to take on the flavors of the food that being eats.
    ive had squirrel that tasted like acorns, and deer that tasted like the main food source of an area, like corn.

    Wonder if we taste like McDonalds.

  3. Human flesh tastes similar to pork. That is why the cannibals of the south pacific referred to human meat as “long pork”.

  4. Maybe it’s just me (or my 15 plus years in the industry) but I just don’t get the whole minimal lined look from a distant pseudo color portrait fad. I mean, I know why it’s popular for a ton of certain artists (it’s super easy and almost [email protected]), and I know why the general public likes them (I mean, come on now, it’s the general public!), but I do know high end versatile artists hate it and am surprised by BME (I’ve seen a bunch on here lately) “falling for it”. I know these things are done by a bunch of different artists but rarely have I seen someone who “specializes” in these do other kinds of styles well. It’s almost like a big joke candid camera style and the big joke on why these are done will eventual be revealed. What bother me most tho is you never see a picture of the “portrait” next to these things (always some “add libbing!”) so stop calling them portraits and hav you see these things a couple years after the are done! Geesh, let’s just say they do not hold up well at all. And sorry if you take this personal Nick, wasn’t trying to single you out at all, just it’s an industry plague (in my eyes, same as backlight tattoos) and I felt I had to say something.

  5. Great work, Nick! I am surprised that no one has brought up the fact that this is your second entry in a couple of days. I appreciate the detail that went into the sclera. The little details really make the piece shine.

  6. this looks like the guy in true blood that jason held in his basement then staked. i can’t remember which season. looks just like him to me!

  7. this is from zombieland. totally zombieland. its pretty neat. as far as that little rant meh and meh.

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