If you’re undead, and you know it, clap your hands

There comes a time in every horror movie fan’s life that some of the details of certain movies blend together.  Unless it’s a really iconic scene, it’s easy to get confused when looking at a photo of a zombie and trying to place what film it’s from (or even if it is from a film).  I want to say this is a Fulchi zombie, but having seen so many over the years, I can’t place this particular member of the walking dead.

Tattoo by Grzegorz Latoch from Street Tattoo in Warsaw, Poland.

Is it Monday already?

I’m back!  After a much needed vacation, I’m nice and rested and ready to get you back to your regularly scheduled ModBlog.  A big thanks to Sean for covering for me.  As well as a thanks to the other guest columnists, INKStar and Shannon.  Hopefully we’ll be hearing from both of them again soon.

So while I may be rested, I’m pretty sure there are some people out there that are looking a little like this tattoo when they wake up on a Monday morning.

Zombie by Jackie Rabbit from Star City Tattoo in Roanoke, VA.

Times are a changin’

To think, it was only 6 years ago that the world first met Rick Genest.  Looking back at his first couple of ModBlog appearances, you can see back then people thought that his dramatic facial tattoos were either incredible, or incredibly stupid.  Here are some choice quotes.

Is it just me or does he look like a full of acne, russian looking nerd?  I mean, thats a great work by the artist, but common..  that guy just looks ugly “whearing” this.

Well, everyone’s gotta be unique somehow. While it might be fine to say “Fuck society” society will fuck you back. Big balls? I guess.

I don’t care what kind of crap I get for saying this but I think this is a really dumb tattoo. I know everyone can do what they want with their body but everyone is also intitled to their own opinion, and mine is negative towards this. When I first saw the photos, before reading anything I hoped so much that this was just a cool halloween mask someone painted on. To my dismay it is a tattoo. No doubt the tattoo is done pretty well but come on! It just plain looks stupid. I sincerely hope this individual knows what he has done to himself and is ready for a life time of negative feedback in many different forms. Yes, he may have support from the body modification community but he most certainly will not have support anywhere in the outside world and I am afraid for what his future looks like. . Hopefully it is more positive and safe than what I am suspecting.

And my personal favorite…

wat a moron, his whole life is ruined

Well, it’s 2012, and we all know that Rick has gone on to great success within the world of fashion.  In fact, he’s become so successful he now has his own action figure!

From Tonnerdoll.com..

Here is a peek at our 2012 SDCC Exclusive: Zombie Boy. If you don’t know Rick Genest visit his website rickgenest.com to find out more about him and like the Rick Genest Facebook fan page. Rick came into larger global awareness when Lady Gaga featured him and his tattoo styling in her “Born This Way” video (below). You can read his personal story here, on this website.

Not only is this doll – the hashtag #zombiedoll on twitter – a SDCC 2012 exclusive (our only SDCC 2012 exclusive and limited to 500 pieces), Rick himself will be at our booth 4149 for two signings on July Friday 13th, one at 11am and another at 3pm.

It’s pretty amazing the journey that Rick has gone though, and for those that found his tattoos to be amazing back then, be happy to know that you were right, and the naysayers were so incredibly wrong.

Oh, and if you happen to be in San Diego this weekend, pick one up for me.

Halloween is coming!

I love this time of year, the leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, and all around you people are finding ways to turn themselves into some kind of ghoul.  Well today’s BMEGhoul is zombieprincess.  There was no credit listed for any of her piercings, however the photo credit goes to DBNE Photography.

Don’t forget to take a photo of yourself dressed up this year and send it in!  And we’re still looking for modified pumpkins!

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Just use the code 30offbme when you check out!

If the bite doesn’t kill you, the fever will

And we’ll put a round in your head before you can come back and bite one of us.

I’m a sucker for zombie tattoos, and this one is my new favorite.  Instead of going for the vampire bite on the neck, this gentlemen opted for a zombie bite on the shoulder.  With a bite like that, he’ll probably live for a few hours, maybe even days before he turns.  Not somebody you want to get locked in a bunker with.

Joshua Ross from Mind’s Eye Tattoo in Emmaus, PA is the artist behind this flesh wound.

That voodoo that you do

I’m not sure if these are on the same person, but they were both sent in by Cathysue who has submitted a lot of cool images to the New Skool Tattoo Gallery.  I’d like to think that these little guys belong together as they both resemble voodoo dolls, plus the top hat on the red one makes me think of Baron Samedi, and the blue one is clearly a zombie.  Granted it’s not a voodoo related zombie, but the association is there.

Another day, another zombie

The Halloween pictures keep trickling in, and this image sent in by TakeOffYourSkin is a prime example of just how much fun dressing up can be.  According to the information, the artist is Simon from PzyDesign in Kalmar, Sweden.  There’s a second image as well that can be found in the stretched lobes gallery.

To all those who complain about the oversaturation of zombies in popular culture, you really should be thankful.  You see, WHEN the zombie apocalypse happens, you’ll now exactly what to do (and more importantly what not to do) when you’re face to face with a zombie.

Quick quiz:  What is the first thing you should do when you turn around and see this facing you…

Pop quiz hotshot

a) Run away as fast as possible

b) Grab the nearest hard object and try to destroy the brain

c) Notice how attractive she was and think it’s a shame she’s now one of the walking dead

d) Other.  (Please specify)