The Guess What Game (Round 1)

I normally post the weekly “Guess What?” image on Tuesdays, but today I thought I would make things a little interesting.  Over the course of the afternoon I’ll be posting 3 separate images, and providing some clues as to what they are.  Make your guesses in the comment section, and later in the day I’ll post the full uncropped images to see how many you got right.  In the interest of fairness, I will say that all three images are of different body parts, it’s up to you to guess the correct ones.

So, first off we have we have an image that involves a lot of metal.  What I can tell you is that at some point in the creation of this mod, it took two separate individuals working in tandem to get it just right.  Also, the owner is a member of


Think you know what it is?  Make a comment below.  You’ll find out if you’re right later in the day!

As a side note, IAM is open again for new memberships, so if you’ve been thinking about joining the community, just head on over and sign up.

Update:  You can see the results from all 3 rounds here.

29 thoughts on “The Guess What Game (Round 1)

  1. I want to say its a stretched up/scalpolled ear lobe with large BCR’s worn through it..but not too sure to be honest as the skin surrounding the jewellery looks more genital!

  2. like always…………. some kind of male genital. wish you would post something new and exciting.

  3. I think maybe for once you guys are pulling a fast one by NOT having something genital related. I’m thinking hand-web. Weenus. Whatever the fuck that thing between your thumb and forefinger is called.

    Or a sac. *shrug* Tomato, Tomahto.

  4. I’m changing my guess to stretched labia because there has been way too many transscrotes on Modblog lately.

  5. I’m gonna agree with the stretched transcrotal/stretched foreskin idea. Looks too…. “wrinkly” to be stretched labia.

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