The Guess What Game (Results)

Well, the moment you’ve been waiting for all day is here, the results from today’s Guess What game.

First a quick re-cap of the images.

Round 1


Round 2


Round 3


So, if you haven’t had a chance to guess, here’s your last chance.  If you think you know what all three are, keep reading to find out!

If you guess a stretched labia for round one, give yourself a pat on the back.  IAM: Jay-Z is the proud owner of this genital project, and you can see more images of it in the female piercing gallery.


Round 2 was probably one of the easier ones, but for some people it may have gotten them bent out of shape trying to figure it out.  From the hard galleries comes Falica’s CBT play.  For the life of me I can’t figure out how he did this, but it is an impressive use of piping.


And finally, the third round brought us probably the trickiest image to figure out.  From the extreme gallery comes this image from Rogerdaily.  What you’re seeing is an extreme vacuum pumping session on his nipple.  Obviously this is something that shouldn’t be attempted unless you’re well aware of the risks involved.


So how many did you get right?  Were you close on a couple?

These three images show just how big a range some of the BME galleries cover.  If you don’t yet have a subscription, you can sign up for a free one today, or if you’re interested in a subscription to the hard/surgical/video sections, you can do so as well on the sign up page.

23 thoughts on “The Guess What Game (Results)

  1. 1) balls – wrong
    2) cock – Right! (looks painful)
    3) nipple – Right!

    2/3.. oh well =P
    really liked the shiney look of #1. must feel really great to wear all that metal down there =D

  2. 3/3!!! OOOHHHH! for the vagina one i was thinking maybe scrotum but something inside of me said “no, it’s a vagina”

  3. I’m wondering if #1 can do things like ride horses or bikes. Just curious, because that IS impressive. My 10g VCH can cause some issues, so I’m wondering…

    Do they jingle as she walks?

  4. i like that somone posted for the awesome labia “like always…………. some kind of male genital. wish you would post something new and exciting”

    he did post something not male genital, new and rather exciting LOL

    i love them all (even though #2 makes me hurt)

  5. The nipple was the only one I had pegged immediately. The labs I had assumed were balls just because of the color hahaha and the tube penis I figured there must be a head poking out somewhere! Over years of modblog I have honed in on my “guess what..?” vibes. HA!

  6. I recognized the nipple right away. When I had my son they made me pump my breasts to stimulate lactation… and yup! That’s what it makes your nipples look like!

  7. Got all three, but didn’t expect the placement on two that it has. Surprised I got number one, I thought I would be wrong and it would be balls or something.

    Rob – your tag was also a hint there was at least on female in there….

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  9. i got the first one right cuz i have stretched labia too :P
    i had no idea what the second one was, but knew that the third was a nipple

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