A 3000 degree abstraction

Now forgive me if I screw anything up here, as I never really studied art.  As far as I can tell this shoulder piece done by Chriz (Buxe_Voll? Tattooz, Germany), is a nice example of abstract art.  Me being uneducated as I am when it comes to modern art, I can’t tell you what any of it means, although I do see elements of avant-garde in it, but what I do know is that it looks really good.


This brings up the thought, does a lack of the intellectual knowledge of art mean that one is unable to appreciate it on the same level as a scholar?  Or does just appreciating the aesthetics on a personal level mean more?  Basically, is art considered “art” because of the thought put into it, or because people admire it?  If you want to take a closer look at the details, you can get a better look in the new skool tattoo gallery.

If you can’t see the image in the gallery, make sure that you’re logged into your BME account.  If you don’t have one, you can get your free subscription right here.

8 thoughts on “A 3000 degree abstraction

  1. I sure do hope that I can appreciate it even thought I’m not too well educated in art either. I really love it and I can see that it has a great deal of deeper meaning, even if I’m unable to spot exactly what it means. Really amazing tattoo!

  2. Dope. Really cool piece. Love where tattooing is heading with these very graphical/Yann Black-ish styles. To me, they are pushing tattoo art into the 21st century.

  3. This particular modblog writer is pretty ridiculously bad.

    Love the tattoo. Not the drawn out stream of consciousness that goes rampant on here nowadays.

  4. “4rtschritt”
    from English “4″ (four) and German “Fortschritt”. Fortschritt means progress or advancement.

    Pidgin is so cool.

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