The type of girl you bring home to mom

Relationships are always a tricky thing.  Especially in the beginning.  When you’re still feeling each other out (and up), getting to know each other on some kind of deeper level.  For most people there will come a time when you want to take the relationship a step further, and bring the significant other home to meet the family.  Of course in doing so you open yourself up to the possibility that your family won’t approve, or that your loved one despises your family.  Of course there is the traditional Hollywood trope of the perfect girl that you can take home to mother, and you know she’ll be met with approval.

Chriz, aka Ta2head from Buxe_Voll? Tattoz in Germany sent in this image of what could be the perfect girl to bring home to your mom.  A bigger version of the image can be found in the new skool tattoo gallery.

gimme a kiss

Now granted she might not be what you’re looking for in a girl, but hey, she’s got great teeth, luscious lips, and some good child birthing hips.  Isn’t that what all moms look for?  Someone their child can make grandkids with.  Sure she may be a little malnourished, and her clothes probably could use some stitching, but what’s not to love?

So, have you ever been in the situation when you brought your partner home to meet the family and things went horribly wrong, or really well?  What about when you went to meet their folks?  Did your modifications raise some questions?

6 thoughts on “The type of girl you bring home to mom

  1. I prefer a li’l more meat on my girls, looks like jack & sally’s love child though…
    what is with the upsidedown questionmark?

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