So many euphemisms, so little time

This picture is fantastic for just so many reasons.  First and foremost, at a quick glance you might just think it’s an arm.  But no, it certainly isn’t.  This is probably one of the only times you’ll see an image that it technically not safe for work not hidden behind a clickthrough.  So not only do we have this image of a penis, that is cropped perfectly, we also have a really well healed circular beading implant.  As for the euphemisms, it looking like an arm, brings up the baby holding an apple one.  There’s also a bunch of cock ring ones that would have applied as well, as well as the usual “ribbed for her (or his) pleasure)”.

All jokes aside, this is a really well done beading job that appears to have healed up really well.  Having never had beading done personally, I’m assuming that because of the ties to the genitals there’s a component of sexual gratification that comes with it.  My question then, is the beading self-gratifying, or is it more for the partner, or both?

yes it is what you think it is

This genital beading comes from BME user Beardedcla.  Obviously you can check out more beading images in the genital beading gallery.

13 thoughts on “So many euphemisms, so little time

  1. From what I understand, there is no sexual gratification, at least not stimulation wise with the person getting the beading. Beading doesn’t make ones penis more sensitive nor does it stimulate it in anyway. Asthetically it could be personally gratifying. A lot of men get genitally beading for their partners pleasure, it is supposed to add stimulation for their partner, just like certain piercings do. Obviously it depends on the person, some men or women may not enjoy the sensation. Women also get beading done, which I will never understand since as far as I know it doesn’t increase anyone’s pleasure and I have never found it to be aesthetically appealing.

  2. I wish it were in someone’s arm. It looks like a great place to store some zesty salsa, bowl free.

  3. just a bit confused at the terminology here. i would have called it an implant. is it a bead(s) and i’m just not seeing it?

    i have thirteen beads in my shaft, none of them do anything for me except the gratification i get when they satisfy a partner.

  4. My beads have never done given me anymore sexual pleasure. But, I’ve gotten a few compliments since I’ve had them. I got mine for aesthetic reasons. But, the move around enough in the skin sometimes I can feel them “pop” in. Not really sexually pleasurable. Just a chuckle in my head.

  5. Do you think he can balance things, like bowls and stuff, in that? Like an uber-male version of multitasking?

  6. i would have called this an implant, just because its in ones penis, dosnt make it beading, that ring, sure isnt a bead, if this was a pic of a penis with beads implanted, yeah call it beading till you’re blue in the face, but IMHO this is just a implant

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