Swing life away

A couple of weeks ago, Jason and the rest of the ihung crew were in Columbus, Ohio to facilitate a number of suspensions.  Among those who suspended was the beautiful Kelsie, who you may remember from her resurrection suspension earlier in the summer.

Jason wrote up about the day over at ihung.org, and here’s what he had to say about Kelsie’s suspension in particular.

Next up was Kelsie, who was super excited to hang from her knees again as it had been a while. She was also concerned with comfort and skin tearing, so to minimize the chances of tearing and maximize her comfort, we went with six hooks, three per knee. My usual placement for these is two alongside the kneecap in a V shape, and one horizontally above the kneecap. This distributes the person’s weight across all six points fairly well, although care must be taken to not overload the top hooks before they go up as the tension on that one will increase more than the others.

They used the same park as they did the last time she suspended, but only in a different location.  Thankfully someone was on hand with a camera which allowed Kelsie to upload the pictures from her experience.


It’s images like these that capture the powerful feelings that arise from a suspension.  In this particular case, the blur of the trees and how her body is positioned really show off how freeing the experience can be.  The world has faded away and she’s free to fly wherever she wishes, releasing all the weight the world has on her.  No matter what has come before or what will come after, in this moment, there is just her, being free.

The rest of the images from Kelsie’s suspension can be found in the ihung.org gallery, including a close-up of the positioning Jason talked about, as well as other images from when she was in the air.

9 thoughts on “Swing life away

  1. Candy… um… fuck yes! I just ripped through 3 jumbo bags of candy corn and orange pumpkins! My stomach is full of them! But in all seriousness, the day couldn’t have gone any better. That suspension in particular was such a release for me, I felt cleansed through the whole experience, letting go of a lot. One of the more emotional suspensions I’ve had for sure and I’m once again thankful to say I had the best support system and group of friends a girl could’ve asked for!

  2. That is what I’d like to see on here: beautiful subject plus skilled photographer = awesomeness.
    And Congratulations to Kelsie for her experience!

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