Post-apocalyptic resurrection

IAM: Arseniy Andersson is at it again.  Last time we saw him on ModBlog he was throwing hooks for a suicide suspension photoshoot with a chess board.  This time around, he helped out Sanya Gordon with her first suspension.  But of course, it wouldn’t be Arseniy if there wasn’t a dramatic element involved.


To see how the suspension itself went, keep on reading.


Now I’m not sure if this is Sanya’s normal attire, or something special for the suspension, but either way it looks pretty awesome.  With the focus in the second picture focused on the hooks, it looks like Sanya has faded off into her own space, tethered to this world by the hooks and rope.  It’s as if without those hooks, she would drift away.  I was almost tempted to post this image upside down, just because of the dreamlike quality it evokes would make it appear she’s floating away.

Resurrection suspensions always seem to evoke this type of feeling.  The rebirth that suspensions can evoke in a person’s spirit is truly encapsulated with the resurrection.  Take a look for yourself in the resurrection gallery.

12 thoughts on “Post-apocalyptic resurrection

  1. yes, resurrection suspensions have this special quality that’s keeping me fascinated. I can’t seem to get enough of them!
    But I have to say that, looking beyond the inherent beauty of the position apparent in the picture but focusing rather on technicalities, I see bad rigging and sub-standard practices not only in this image but in all other images from this guy. Someone please tell him that threading the rope directly through the eyes of the hooks is not the proper way to rig a suspension.

  2. bastian, thanx for critics, but why so?
    it is better than cheap small key-clips which can easily break while a person suspended.
    if u heard and old industrial alpinist’s saying, you should know that total circum durability is no more than durability of every its link.
    (of course i’ve seen special “lobes” which western susteams use, but i still can’t find em here in russia)
    so now it is the best way for us to use clear ropes which could be loaded 1200kgs (or more)
    tell me if i make mistakes.

  3. the only thing i am question is the green blood… is she a Romulan or is that photoshopped…?

  4. the only thing i am question is the green blood… is she a Romulan or is that photoshopped…?

  5. @Arsenyi: Thanks for clarifying. Yes, it’s actually better to rig directly through the hooks (instead of using those non-locking unrated carabiner-type thingies you used before) if you cannot get hold of those shackles that are commonly used for this now.

  6. Order a set of hooks from Skin mechanics or Black Sheep and you will be able to use properly rated equipment…

  7. Ryan, those appear to be standard Mustad hooks which are absolutely fine. Hooks can come from many places, the two that you named are two of many. Personally i prefer to use Mustads all around and when i use gilsons there are a few companies that i order from.

    Anyway, the point being is that you shouldnt get caught up in using a “brand” but rather that the equipment is proper for the usage.

  8. cere Let me start by saying you rock…And that my point was in no way aimed at the hooks used. Or that the two I mentioned are the only ones. I myself still think sea demons are the most comfortable. the only reason I mention SMS gilsons is the changes they have made in the design seem to be great improvments to me ie: no wing nuts… And again my statement was not to suggest “brand” only. was referring to statements made above about snap links and shackles(most shackles not fitting the mustads).and tying straight through the eye of the hooks(which is perfectly fine in certain situations) Many unanswered questions are left by a photo..Was this a static suspension? What was the height, and on and on. In the past year or so I am happy to see the community come together as a whole with many putting in hard work to improve the safety and standards. Progress not perfection……

  9. ryan, let me answer your questions :))
    it was static short and not so long suspension. it was her first one. (yea everyone knew that torso suspensions are hard)
    it was theatralized so it was low and without any safety equip.

    about shackles.
    i’ve found 4mm and 5mm tough shackles which could constrain approx 700kg loads, and now im thinkingof bying em.
    it is close to our line ropes overloads – that 3mm thick line can hang approx 800kgs (without knots)

    about SD’s:
    seademons are very comfortable, i agree with ryan. only 2 SD’s are good for first suicide suspension. it is the common practice in russia. the less holes suspendee has, the less pain (s)he feels.

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