Is that a giant snake or are you just happy to see me?

The gang from Kipod Tattoo Studio in Tel Aviv have done it again.   Last time we saw something from them it was a large bio-mech peice.  This time we’ve got a pretty big tribal-ish snake that looks a little angry.


Now I know what you’re thinking, “big deal, he’s got a snake on his ribs and chest, I’ve seen bigger snakes than that in my backyard.”  Well you honestly don’t think this is the entire snake do you?  Keep on reading to see just how big this cobra is.


I’m not sure exactly which artist did this particular piece, as they’ve got a bunch of excellent artists there.  They’ve all been busy the past couple of weeks as well, as they’ve uploaded a significant number of images recently.  You can check out the rest of their latest tattoos over in the Kipod Tattoo Portfolio.

9 thoughts on “Is that a giant snake or are you just happy to see me?

  1. such a great execution of design that couldve been really trite.i mean, yeah, who hasnt seen giant snake tattoos before? but this one? one bad motherfucker.

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