ModBlog + Pretty girl =

Well, finding the solution to the equation is simple.  Just take a quick look at the new skool tattoo gallery and you’ll find that the answer is Madison of course.


Now this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Madison on ModBlog.  Last year she was seen twice, here and here.  This year she’s back showing off her ship sleeve by Scott Forbes from Oceanic Art in Dartmouth, NS, as well as showing off something a little new that you can see by reading on.


Did I say “pretty” earlier?  I think I meant gorgeous.

Either way, it’s good to see her back on ModBlog with something new.  Hopefully the next time she sends something in we’ll get a better look at the heart piece she has.

8 thoughts on “ModBlog + Pretty girl =

  1. Madison is absolutely stunning, a work of art. Her newest tattoo on her other shoulder and the additions to the heart locket tattoo make her my favorite tattooed friend. :)

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