I have no idea what you’re talking about…

…so here’s a three-eyed, crayon-horned, unicycle riding, purple people eater.


This interesting character comes from the gang at Studio Evolve Tattoo in Virginia Beach.  I think there may be turtle elements to this guy as well, given the chest and paws are vaguely turtle-ish.  In any case, it definitely is a creative design.  And it fits in well in the cartoon tattoo gallery.

Now I’m not sure if this guy is from something, or is a completely unique design, but it certainly is fun.  Anyone have any ideas for a name for this little guy?

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7 thoughts on “I have no idea what you’re talking about…

  1. gotta give credit to Tanane Whitfield for the tattoo. He’s got a whole bunch of snazzy little random characters with crayons coming out of them. And it looks like a Rinoscoturtle.

  2. It’s a Rhino/Turtle on a Uni Cycle. Poor lil guy was trying to impress his friend but is about to lose his footing on that pedal!!! Thankfully, he has a shell. God Speed “Rhayon!” God Speed!!! “Rhayon”- RH for Rhino….ayon for Crayon…obviously. And its on a guy with the last name of Raymon. Just sayin.

    Tanane Whitfield @ Studio Evolve Tattoo.
    Get at me @ [email protected].

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