People of Walgreens

Walmart seems to have a monopoly on the crazies when it comes to shoppers.  Ok, maybe not crazy, but eccentric, as evidenced by the many images on the people of walmart website.  Now while Walmart may be the place to go to when you want to see someone walking around in an outfit created entirely of stuffed animal skins, Walgreens seems to be the place you go when you want to see attractive modified people.  If you happened to be in one recently, you may have had the opportunity to see a pretty girl like IAM: Whitney strolling down the aisle.

IAM: Whitney

Earlier in the week some people were asking what happened to the BME boys and BME girls posts on Fridays.  I don’t know the status of the calendar posts, or the regular weekly column, but what I do know is that I personally don’t see why I should save the pictures of attractive people just for Fridays, but that’s just me.

As for Whitney’s picture, it popped up in the stretched lobe gallery this morning, so I’d imagine this picture is fairly recent.

10 thoughts on “People of Walgreens

  1. what walmart website??
    no link?

    maybe people just liked the weekly schedlued update of hot people….. bc everyone is hot on this blog.

    it’s just a weekly title of a post.. throw us long readers a bone PLEASE

  2. Haha I work at Walgreens too, we just hired a new kid up front, and he asked my manager about our piercing policy and my manager told him to come ask me (snakebites, and 7/8 lobes, left nostril, right eyebrow, and a split tongue). Few work moments have ever been that funny.

  3. i used to work at walgreens…
    no attractive modded people to speak of…
    except for myself of course ; )

  4. I used to work at walgreens, too and now I fucking hate that place with a passion.
    Disgusting bug infested, expired food selling, accusing assholes.

    But, I’d probably hate it less if I saw this girl there.

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