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Looking back through the ModBlog archives there haven’t been a lot of coma suspensions featured.  Perhaps because it is similar to the resurrection, or it just isn’t as common as other types of suspensions.  This image is one of a couple that were sent in anonymously, the rest can be seen in the coma suspension gallery.  This is one of those images that shows off just how much better a suspension can be for a person when it’s moved outdoors.  Obviously this isn’t the case for everyone, but it does seem that out in the woods or in a field the calming effect that nature has on many people is heightened by the suspension.  The two work in tandem, balancing the physical aspects of the suspension with the meditative.  The fact that it also provides for some really cool pictures is also a big plus.

6 thoughts on “Karma Coma

  1. @Nae: I just guessed that by the placement of the hooks. A coma (to my untrained eye) appears to be a resurrection with added points for the upper chest and legs. Obviously when it comes to rigging etc, the two are probably vastly different, but visually they’re similar.

    In the coma gallery there’s a set of pictures from a few months back where a coma suspension was transitioned into a resurrection.

  2. Rob: I can see how you came to that. To me, they are totally different in the same way a suicide is from a superman. Mobility is a big difference to me and I’m just quite partial to resurrections 🙂 I really want to do one, but I’m afraid of the pulling on my scars.

  3. Rob: a coma and a resurrection are vastly different suspensions. In my experience, coma suspensions are indeed meditative, serene and calming. My favorite kind to to actually do. Once up, it’s also a very comfortable suspension that allows suspendees to stay ‘floating’ for extended amounts of time. Resurrections are way more intense. They have one thing in common: They get hooked from the front of your body, and the placement of the torso hooks can be used for both. In fact, it’s not that rare to see the leg hooks cut away on a coma suspension for a transition into a resurrection. IAM Paindreamer submitted a really well-written experience about one such suspension which you can read about here (sadly, without the formatting and the pictures that it came with in the original submission back in the day). That said – this is a beautiful picture that captures the essence of  coma suspensions very well. And it makes me “want” pretty badly. So, thanks for featuring it!

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