By popular demand

Because it was asked numerous times this week.  Here is a picture of a hot girl, posted on a Friday.


The young lass in the photo is MoodY (not sure if she has an IAM page or not), and the text says “Sciogliti nella terra”, which Google roughly translated into “Melt into the earth”.  If someone’s Italian is better than Google’s, I found a forum post from MoodY in which she talks about getting both this tattoo and the one on the other side.

..”sciogliti nella terra”.. ..risorgi dai tuoi errori..prima della doccia XD   beh vi dico solo che è il mio primo tatuaggio..e che ..cavolo!!!!!è stata una gran esperienza!!!!!!il lato sinistro è andato giù liscio mentre a “scrivere sciogliti nella terra” i sono venuti i lucciconi..vai capire il perchè!!XD   io sono felicissima…incorniciano un periodo della mia vita un pò così…però degno di essere ricordato..e superato!!!!!

You can see another photo of MoodY in the earlobe gallery.

As for if I’ll keep posting hot girls on Fridays, I guess you’ll just have to come back and see.

20 thoughts on “By popular demand

  1. That’s a neat placement for some script, never thought of it!
    Although that may because im not quite as well endowed as this italian beauty haha.

  2. She says: “melt down to the ground” “resurrect from your mistakes” before the shower. This is my first tattoo and… bloody hell! It was such an experience! The left side went fine, but I shed some tears while having the right side tattooed, and I can’t figure out why! I’m very happy tho. They fix a not-so-good time of my life, but worthy of being remembered and overcome!

    (As I’m not an English native speaker, I may have made some bad mistakes while translating! Sorry about that 🙂 )

  3. just my two cents, for such an alternative community, it bugs me that the ‘hot’ girls are stick thin and relatively booby. could we maybe feature ALL body types of hot girls? thanks.

  4. the text implies that there is something else other than the writing, maybe on the left side of her body. I’m curious.

  5. @makingtrouble: She is certainly not “stick thin,” and I actually have thought it’s really cool that modblog HAS done a good job of featuring different body types of men and women. Beautiful.

  6. makingtrouble, stick around a bit. You’ll be pleasantly surprised! Hot girls come in many shapes and colors, and modblog in general doesn’t subscribe to a narrow beauty ideal.

    (Though I will add that this woman is certainly not “stick thin.” Definitely slender and fit, but some gals are built way skinnier than her.)

  7. @6 mabye thats cos hot girls are generally thin and have a nice set of T’s, seeing uggo body mod chicks isnt really as fun

  8. Yeah we definitely cover all body types. The issue really comes down to who sends in clear, nice photos. It doesn’t matter if they’re not “model thin” if the photo is well done. Just going back to Sean’s regular BMEgirl posts you’ll see many different shapes and sizes of girls.

    Just a suggestion to anyone reading this, you’re much more likely to be featured if you send in photos that are well done. I’ve felt really bad at how many photos I’ve had to reject lately because they were blurry, too dark, the mods were not even visible, etc. 🙁 You don’t need a professional photographer to take them but making sure they’re in focus and that you have enough light is definitely a good idea.

  9. Plus size women can be beautiful too! For all the people saying all the models are stick thin. There have been bigger girls, and they’re just as beautiful, if not more, than the stick thin ones.
    It is a beautiful picture, though. A good photographer is key. Anyone can be beautiful with a good photographer.

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