Pulling an all-nighter

IAM: Collah Bonez recently had a chance to do her very first pull, with Cere on hand to guide her through it.

The nighttime setting looks like a great environment for her pulling, and you can see just how awesome a time she had with the rest of the images in the pulling gallery.

With the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer, that can only mean one thing: Halloween is coming!  So break out those photos of you in your costumes (that you can also see your mods) and upload them to BME.  Oh, and if you have a tattoo or something else that is horror inspired, send them in as well!

4 thoughts on “Pulling an all-nighter

  1. That is a really beautiful photo. I would love to do a outdoor pull like this. It looks wonderful

  2. It was great! I love being out in nature and what the flash didn’t capture was how we were basically at the highest point at the top of a hill in a meadow and how the sky and the rest of it all looked so vast and beautiful.

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