You know something is painful when…

Allen makes this face.

This is Allen's O(uch) face

Wondering what could possibly be happening that would cause so much pain?  Keep on reading to find out.

Well, I got a message a couple of days ago from Allen telling me about what he recently went through.  Here’s what he had to say.

A month ago, while at a show, I tripped and fell into the stage.  As I fell forward I put my hand out to catch myself.  I’m not sure what it was, but something on one of the stage monitors was sticking up that went right between my nail and my finger.  When I pulled my hand back I realized that that nail was completely loose from the nail bed.  Yes it hurt a lot.  Well, as the night progressed I kept messing with it and eventually I decided to pull the nail off.  This was a mistake because the exposed nail bed was WAY more painful.  It felt like one giant exposed nerve.  (I do not recommend doing that)  It took over a month to finally get all the scabs to peel off.  Also, I had to file it down a bit too because it never really healed like smooth skin.  There was still a hard callused area on top.  As for the tattooing.  Yes, it hurt bad.  The pain is hard to compare, but it felt like he was drilling into the bone.

Of all the things I’ve seen in the BME galleries.  The first picture below is the one that probably makes me feel the most uncomfortable just looking at it.  If you can get past the first one, you’ll see how the healing process went, a good look at the tattoo while it was being done, and the finished product.


The man responsible for the tattoo is Mike Tidwell.

With all the work Allen has done for the world of suspension, it’s only fitting that when his nail grows back in, he’ll always have a hook inside him.

37 thoughts on “You know something is painful when…

  1. I’ve talked about an under-the-fingernail tattoo, but as a joke. interesting set of occurrences that would lead to it actually happening!

  2. I have lost nails a few times now, and the pain is excruciating. I cannot even comprehend how much tattooing on the nail bed would hurt. I can look unflinching at tongue bifurcation, genital bisection, and I’m pierced, tattooed, branded and cut — but even *imagining* getting a tattoo on my nail bed makes me want to curl up and die. Ballsy.

  3. i would love to see a recap on this when his name grows back to see how well you can see it

  4. Sweet!!!! I’ve always wanted to do this! Just have to wait til I rip a nail off, def. not gonna do it on purpose!

  5. ive been debating getting tattoos where my two big toenails were removed but it’ll have to wait untill i get extra money. mine are already so callused though.

  6. That’s wicked sweet. I only hope that it heals for him though. Considering that the area in question is ALWAYS in “high traffic,” with the nail regrowing, and constantly, constantly, sloughing off old tissue underneath it. Kind of like an iceberg does to the earth over long periods of time. Best of luck Allen :)

  7. ….if it grows back. i had something similar happen over 15 years ago, and it destroyed the nail bed, there is a callous, but still no nail

  8. I am yet another one of those people who does not flinch upon seeing genital mutilation but is freaked out by this. Yeesh.

  9. they used to rip finger and toe nails off as a form of torture. It is supposed to be one of the worst pains. Ouch?

  10. I once lost a nail too. It hurt so bad. It took forever to stop bleeding, I also messed with it to the point that I decided to just pull the nail off. It was such a strange sinsation. Once my nail grew back in it looked weird for a while until what grew in had time to grow out again. Growing the actual nail back didn’t hurt much at all though. Now I can’t see any difference in that nail vs. the others. It happened when I was like 10 though, so it’s had plenty of time to heal. lol

  11. The very first, and probably only, photos on BME/Modblog to make me cringe and look away. Something about under the nail that just squicks me.

    You’re a brave brave man Mr. Falkner.

  12. i’m not a squeamish person, far from it, but i can honestly say that that first picture has made all the muscles in my arms and across my back tense up rather ridiculously. aside from that, i’d be really interested to see how this looks as the healing continues.

  13. I am really interested in seeing what this looks like upon healing.

    I, too, have had nailed removed before and it is one of the most unpleasant things ever.

  14. man i don’t think i’ve cringed on modblog since the i 1st discovered it yearss ago.


    i lost a nail when i was a kid, must have been like 7, but i don’t remember it being traumatising in any manner

  15. I’m interested to see what it looks like when the nail grows back!
    And I’m with Ceci. I’m pretty desensitized when it comes to Modblog content but this gave me the chills.

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