The Owl and the Dragonfly

It’s time for yet another fantastic piece by Michael from Kipod Tattoo Studio in Tel Aviv.  The first image is just a small part of a much larger piece that combines so many different elements.


While I’ve never seen a 3-eyed horned owl before, I imagine it would probably look something like that.  Keep reading to see where the dragonflies come into play.

Moving around the leg, you can see the dragonflies coming into play, as well as a glimpse of the skull the owl is resting on.


To see the rest of the piece, head on over to the Kipod tattoo portfolio, you won’t be disappointed.

3 thoughts on “The Owl and the Dragonfly

  1. It’s on his leg not arm i know
    the guy with this tattoo
    and it’s even better looking in real life

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