Hole Hearted

Do you know how many songs have been written about the heart?  Way too many.  Yet for some reason, after seeing this picture from the hearts and love tattoo gallery, I had that Extreme song stuck in my head.  So enjoy the earworm, along with this tattoo by Jamie Henderson from Forsaken Ink in Bloomburg, NY.

I like how the edges make the hole look like it was cracked open, as opposed to a clean cut, or the flesh being pulled back.

What do you think?  Is “Hole Hearted” the song you think of when the subject of songs about the heart come up?

3 thoughts on “Hole Hearted

  1. I tend to think of 3rd Planet by Modest Mouse. I should really get my tattoo of that one up here…

  2. Definitely not the Extreme song. More like “Red Heart” by Hey Rosetta! or “Alameda” by Elliott Smith.

    This tattoo is fucking great though.

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