Boob or Nullo?

Well, if you take a look at the tags, you’ll already know the answer.  Long time BME contributor Erebli sent in pictures from his latest project, in which he found a way to give himself a boob job.

For obvious reasons, you’ll have to keep reading to see the unedited version.

For those unfamiliar with Erebli’s works, you can see other examples of them here and here, as well as in his own BME gallery.  This particular image came from the temporary male nullo gallery, along with the rest of the images in the series.

I know that Erebli reads ModBlog, so I’m hoping he’ll be around to answer questions like he has in the past.  His art has become the benchmark for CBT, and he is always striving to push the limits of what his body can endure.  In fact, he has yet to suffer any permanent damage from any of his modifications, including the time he barbecued his genitals.

I will ask that people be respectful with their comments, as BME is not just a site for piercings and tattoos, but all forms of body modification.

21 thoughts on “Boob or Nullo?

  1. weren’t we supposed to get an in-depth article on amputees?
    so tired of this guessing game crap.

  2. It’s a cock full of saline!!!
    I wonder how long it takes to empty, or if it’s hard to pee like that?

  3. @chopstixx, sikspud, & struktur: It’s a temporary nullification. I don’t know the exact procedure, but I’d hazard a guess to some form of saline injection. Erebli is always finding new and creative ways to create his art, so this may be something completely new.

  4. @Me: This was never intended to be a guessing game. Erebli entitled this and many of the other photos in the set “Boob or Nullo?”, I just appropriated it into the title of the post.

    @Tobias: It’s a penis.

  5. @Stormchaser: If I knew, I’d be the first one to tell you. I dug around on his website, and I couldn’t anything other than it being called genital art.

  6. Modblog is getting so boring.
    This is hardly post worthy. What about all the cool, non stupid mod related things that go on?

  7. @Me, I did intend to and do an interview with an amputee, sadly it was lost in a hard drive crash and he hasn’t gotten around to re-answering the questions.

  8. I was just fooling around to see what could be done using super glue.

    I pushed testicles and penis up into cavities and glued them there. I realized then how much it looked like a boob.

    Hard to believe that the tit on the boob is all that is left of the penis.

    HEY! It was fun!

  9. I believe that Adam and Eve made a mistake when they realized that they were naked and covered themselves.

    I think that the genitals are the most beautiful part of the human body. I also believe that they are for enjoyment other than just intercourse. That is why I do what I do. I love that I can show others my form of art. It is EXTREME, true.

    If you want to see more of what I have done, go to or Google erebli on images and turn off the safe mode.

    James–Superglue isn’t that hard to get off. It dries and you can peel it. It hurts a little sometimes. At least, that’s the way it is for me. (I suggest you not try it.)

  10. That takes balls (literally). I could never do that. Not because it would hurt, but because I’d be scared I couldn’t undo it. And because I have a vagina.

  11. @James

    “What about all the cool, non stupid mod related things that go on?”

    What happened to a Modblog where people didn’t judge so quickly and harshly? Come on dude, where do you get the right to call this guy stupid? Each to their own.

  12. Very cool idea. Looks alot like a boob lol.
    I really enjoyed looking through your blog too Erebli. Thanks :)

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