Wings of an Angel

I love it when Jackie sends in a story to go along with her tattoos.  Here’s the story behind this pair of angel wings.

First off… this is this girl’s FIRST tattoo! Secondly…we did it all in a single 6 hrs session. she was a BEAST! But aside from the bad-assery there is a great story. She had some awesome inspiration to keep her going. She told me that when she was very little she spent most of her time being taken care of by her grandmother. They were very close as you can imagine. She was a very religious woman and always told bed time stories from the bible but was able to make them seem amazing and magical for her little grand daughter. She always called her her “little angel” even after she grew up. Nikki was lucky enough to be at her grandmothers side when she passed away a few months ago. She was very old and had made her peace with the world. Before she passed she told her grand daughter that it was ok and that she was going home to be with the angels. With all this talk of angels and the grief of her loss it seemed pretty clear to Nikki what to do 🙂

Jackie Rabbit works at Star City Tattoo in Roanoke, VA.

Simply Stunning

It’s always a good day when Madison graces us with a new set of pictures.  This Nova Scotian beauty is no stranger to ModBlog, and was last seen crawling along the beach back in September.  Sporting a new haircut, a new shoulder tattoo, and a new addition to her abdominal tattoo from Scott Forbes of Oceanic Art in Dartmouth, NS; Madison is just absolutely gorgeous in these photos.  Do yourself a favor and head to the new skool tattoo gallery to see all of the photos she’s sent in recently.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be off trying to figure out the fastest way to move to Nova Scotia.

Hole Hearted

Do you know how many songs have been written about the heart?  Way too many.  Yet for some reason, after seeing this picture from the hearts and love tattoo gallery, I had that Extreme song stuck in my head.  So enjoy the earworm, along with this tattoo by Jamie Henderson from Forsaken Ink in Bloomburg, NY.

I like how the edges make the hole look like it was cracked open, as opposed to a clean cut, or the flesh being pulled back.

What do you think?  Is “Hole Hearted” the song you think of when the subject of songs about the heart come up?

Tattoo Temple (Part 1)

Occasionally there are times where just one ModBlog post isn’t enough to share something remarkable.  This is the first of two posts today that will be showing off the works from Joey Pang, and the rest of the artists at Tattoo Temple in Hong Kong.

Recently Joey uploaded a number of works to various galleries on, and pretty much all of them are beautiful in their own way.  Since 2006 Joey has owned and operated Tattoo Temple in Hong Kong, and has been putting out some fantastic work.  This first post will be focusing on her color and black/grey work.


In a blog from two years ago, Joey had this to say about her philosophy when it comes to tattooing.

To me, tattoos are ‘new clothing’ for a naked body.  Tattoos are not there to just cover your dull skin tone or trim your body’s contours with visual tricks. They can also express your personality, your thoughts and the world inside you. It is a presentation of the practical realm as well as the abstract mind.  As the designer and tailor of this new ‘piece of clothing’ I have to thoroughly understand my models – so they are able to express themselves with the creation of perfectly fitting ‘new clothes’.  Only the model and I truly understand these ‘new clothes’ as they are highly personal creations. However, if this ‘outfit’ can evoke emotion and admiration in other viewers – this in itself serves a higher purpose. Then these ‘new clothes’ may be categorized as a work of art. My happiest moment is being able to share this with the world.

Art facilitates the movement of abstract concepts in to reality. In most cases, the medium for art is simply inorganic matter. Only tattoos are exhibited on a living body – a permanent display to the world.  Every medium allows for art to be portrayed in a unique way. Yet, the human body is perhaps the single most distinctive medium of all. This art can only be carried when someone is ready to go through pain and have their blood shed.  The physical body underneath the tattooed skin continues with its daily functions – its mandatory life cycle. The person then carries this art-skin out and into the wider world. This person is a living, moving exhibition. The art-skin makes its way across the world, from country to country.  This breathtaking interaction between ink and the dynamic human body gives life to this art. The art piece changes, grows, ages, dies and is eventually buried with the body.  For someone who genuinely appreciates the power of this art, in death, the tattoo should not remain a subject of the mortal body.  To separate this tattooed skin from the body allows the tattoo to then be seen in its original form – as a Work of Art – a collectible that could be held for auction.

Keep on reading if you’d like to see more works by Joey, which include some color and freehand work, as well as a large greyscale backpiece.




In the case of the last image, it was done entirely freehand, and extends across the woman’s back.

Normally I would direct you to a specific gallery, but with Tattoo Temple uploading so many images over the past few days, your best bet would just be to take a look at the newest additions to all of the tattoo galleries, as their work isn’t limited to just one category.

My Mouth’s Shooting Blanks

And to close out this fine Monday, here we have Sam showing off his chestpiece, which comprises Bayside lyrics, American Steel‘s eighth note and a handsome set of wings to round it all out, done by Vinz Nadeau at Quebec City’s Anim Ink. Take care, ModBloggers, and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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Eyes Turned Skyward

I really like Cliff’s variation on the hoary old wing tattoo — to be honest, I’m surprised we don’t see this placement more often. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Vincent Hocquet’s stippling technique is so impressive, either. A couple of close-ups, after the jump.

(Tattoos by Vincent Hocquet at Beautiful Freak Tattoo in St.-Idesbald, Belgium.)

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