More people of Walgreens

Ok, I’ll admit when I wrote the first People of Walgreens post, it was just an excuse to post a picture of a pretty girl.   The fact that she was in Walgreens was just to play off the People of Walmart website.

Sure enough, less than a month later, I find a picture of another pretty girl in a Walgreens.  This can’t just be a coincidence right?  American ModBlog readers help me out, is BME member Bitemyrhymez, just another isolated incident, or is Walgreens really this awesome?


Like the last People of Walgreens entry, this image comes from the stretched lobe gallery.

6 thoughts on “More people of Walgreens

  1. im surprised nobody from the piercing pagoda/ claire’s has come up with crappy jelery that makes your ears LOOK stretched….

  2. walgreens is a very common store that probably like 99% of americans have been to, so there is a wide cross-section of America represented in walgreens customers. depending on the location of the walgreens it will have different demographics as to what kind of customers it gets. if you are looking to meet “pretty girls” i really wouldn’t recommend hanging around walgreens, maybe some kind of online dating thing will work for you. hope i have cleared up some of this confusion for you, and i really hope you work it out with the whole “pretty girls” thing.

  3. Walgreens is sort of cool… better than WalMart anyway :) and p.s. I’m always at walgreens.. I work there :( and p.s.s. Thanks so much for putting me in your blog!!

  4. I have actually seen jewelry that looks like your ears are stretched. they aren’t any bigger than 00g but i thought it was pretty odd to see. And the girl in this photo is very pretty rob.

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