Beard Love

The mighty beard.  An ancient symbol of greatness, and the bold embodiment of all that is awesome.  With fall in full swing in the northern hemisphere, the time is nigh for all those who can grow beards to unleash the power that is the beard.  Bearduary is only a few months away, and you don’t want to be left with a bald face when the day of revelry is upon us.

To those unable to grow a beard, fret not as you can show your support to the beards around you in many ways.  Just look at this tattoo by Savannah Brayton from Washington, NJ.  This is a person who loves beards and isn’t afraid to hide it.

I <3 Beards

So men of ModBlog, start growing your beards now, and send in your photos.  Every BMEBoy in Bearduary will be sporting a beard, don’t be left out.  In the meantime, Movember is just around the corner, so if you’ve got a mustache, send in those pictures as well.  And to the ladies of ModBlog, if you’ve got some way of expressing your love of the beard, lets see it as well.

7 thoughts on “Beard Love

  1. I’m genderqueer and may never be able to grow a beard…and depending on this…I may or may not allow future offspring to call me mom…BUT MY DAD HAS A BEARD < 3 AND BEARDS ARE EXCELLENT USE OF FACIAL HAIR

  2. after doing MOvember, I’ll be dead keen to get the beard back ASAP, so this’ll be a good cause I’ll unintentionally jump into

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