The moment after

The act of suspension can be a significant moment in a person’s life.  Yet to an observer, suspending can appear to be only about the time in the air, when in reality, the entire process is important.  Having the hooks pierce your flesh is just the first of many steps that an individual goes through, that climaxes when they are in the air.  Following the time in the air is the denouement, the time after the person has started to descend and before the final bandages are applied.  It is a time of reflection, a chance to look back upon the experience while it is still fresh in the mind.

Taking a look at the following picture you can see in Colin’s posture that he’s taking in his experience.  To put the photo in context, the person in the photo, Colin, was suspended by Lucas and Kai from Pirate Piercing in Belgium.  The suspension took place during the last song of a performance by Amen Ra at a concert in Kortrijk, Belguim.

You can check out the photo of Colin in the air while the band in playing over in the suspension section of the ritual galleries.

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