Not ready for marriage?

Previously on ModBlog you’ve seen many different types of marriage related modifications.  From someone proposing during a pull, to matching tattoo wedding bands, the institution of marriage is celebrated in may different ways.

Well what about those who don’t want to get married, or are maybe just not ready to?  Well thanks to BME member Sames, there is now a way to show the world you’re not ready to get married just yet.  From the microdermal gallery comes the “Anti-Wedding Ring”.  A series a microdermals guaranteed to prevent any engagement ring or wedding band from being fully placed on the finger.  Sure, you can get the ring over just the tip, but there’s no way a ring is going to make it to the base of the finger.

"I don't"

16 thoughts on “Not ready for marriage?

  1. Let’s play a little game I like to call “Just the Tip”, just to see how it feels.

  2. I suggest they add spikes to that… Because a bigger band will fit over just the microdermals.

  3. they probably shouldnt have been done at all but i hope the client was at least told that there is no way youre actually gonna be able to keep these. but, thats probably not what happened.

  4. The “Anti-Wedding Ring” looks like a wedding ring. Obviously not a full circle but I am sure someone will take it for one. Whatever the reason is behind this… I give him props for having that many in that area. GoodLuck with avoiding snagging.

  5. From what I can see, he has previously had a microdermal on one of his other fingers, possibly 2.

    If that is the case than I’m certain he knows the risks.

  6. Really? Why don’t you just not accept any rings offered to you? This seems really silly and EXTREMELY unnecessary.

  7. I think that if you take into consideration the amount of microdermals he already has on his chest that have been there over a year, he probably has a decent idea of how his body will handle them. As for being on the finger like that, time will tell as to their longevity.

    I think it looks pretty interesting, I like the aesthetic. Even if it were mistaken for a wedding band of sorts, no one with any respect or class should be hitting on a person that may be married in the first place, but with that said-if I saw it, I would think it was a wedding band.

    Still looks way cool, hope it heals alright!

  8. Looks like an alternative to tattoo wedding bands not even close to anti wedding band just looks at though the band was pierced instead.

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