A bloody good time

Brian Wood from Golden Spiral Studio in Greensboro, NC sent in these photos of a recent resurrection suspension he facilitated.  You may remember Brian’s work from the last Friday Follow-up.

I don’t know if Brian is responsible for the scar on the woman’s leg, but what I do know is it looks like everyone had a bloody good time.

Keep in mind not every person is identical, so don’t take her bleeding as any indication of how every suspension is.  Heck, I’m pretty sure there are a good number of ModBlog readers who love the sight of blood.

16 thoughts on “A bloody good time

  1. @ Rob….the suspension pictured there doesn’t look like a coma suspension to me. In a coma suspension, the body is positioned horizontally, with the legs being level with the torso. To me, this looks like a 4pt resurrection that got added to the wrong category.
    And some people (me included) just bleed like that. It’s perfectly normal and I DO love the sight of it :)

  2. I’d almost be tempted to call this more of a stomach suspension as with a resurrection, the hooks generally go more towards the sides of the body, but that’s neither here nor there. She looks to have enjoyed it, so “a rose by any other name”…

  3. Dear People of the Suspension Community,

    Please stop tying to the hooks, it’s careless, dangerous and just plain bad rigging. Thanks.

    Truly Concerned,


  4. call it what you will, rob was just filling in news, who cares if its a stomach suspension or resurrection, we can call ideas two or three different ways,
    man to me it sure as hell looks like she had a awesome time, i have to say this is an awesome photo.

  5. “Heck, I’m pretty sure there are a good number of ModBlog readers who love the sight of blood.”

    At least there is one: me. ;-)

  6. “Heck, I’m pretty sure there are a good number of ModBlog readers who love the sight of blood.”

    There’s at least two :)

    Count me in on that one!

  7. Hey, thats me! Yes Brian is responsible for the scar on my thigh (as well as many others)..he’s awesome.
    And GreenHead is correct….. the reason I am so bloody is because prior to the suspension, we put a skewer through my cheeks & did a lot of blood letting on my face.. it helped put me in the right mind-set for the suspension.
    To view all the photos from the suspension, check out :

    Photographed by my dear friend Matt Bell.

  8. Just a bit of input, I know Brian and the scarification piece on the girl’s leg was done by him. One of his favorite pieces.

  9. And I should work on reading all comments before posting! Oh well all is well. Awesome stuff here Kelly.

  10. I really wish I could appreciate this work but the artist in question, Brian Wood, is such a disappointment.

  11. Kelly is truly amazing. Brian Wood is a great artist, he did the suspension I’m pretty sure.

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