Oh Ninja Turtles.  Hands down the best anthropomorphic ninjas ever.  Sure the movies didn’t live up to the pure awesomeness of the cartoon show, which in turn was never as cool as the comics, but they were damn fun to watch.

Now this person, they’re a huge turtle fan.  Probably not as obsessed as this woman, but definitely a huge fan nonetheless.

Go Ninja Go Ninja Go!

Now while this was uploaded anonymously to the cartoon tattoo gallery, we do know it was done by Orlando Ferron from Gold Coast Studio in Monterey, CA.

Personally, I was always a Raph fan.  Even before the movies came out and he became the de facto lead character.  Don was fine, but he always seemed to be a little dumb for a genius, and well, Mikey was Mikey.  Leo was always an enigma.  For the leader of the turtles, he didn’t really have much control over them.

As for the tattoo, it’s still incomplete.  The next step is to add a Manhattan skyline behind the turtles.

Did you have a favorite turtle?  Or were you a fan of one of the many supporting characters?  Casey Jones, Shedder, Beebop, Rocksteady?  The list goes on, and while the height of turtlemania has passed, they will live on forever in our hearts, as well as our bellies when we eat pizza.

10 thoughts on “T-U-R-T-L-E POWER!

  1. Thats so rad. The artist doing my sleeve (Marina Storme) has an awesome beebop/rocksteady/shredder sleeve in the works on someone too! It’s gonna be INSANE!

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